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  1. Hi, as title says lost our little hahns macaw something frightened him flew off cage round corner and out back door,medway area ,kent .absolutely destroyed by this ,he 's so tame please help :cry:
  2. Welcome from di ,ash and mango ,look forward to some pics ,love cockatoo's ,i bet misty is great company . ash
  3. Thought i'd update on mango,he got a little bit of a cold recently been sneezing a bit and was very red around his nose,we had a little visit to see alan jones at my local nottcutts ,where he had bit of an injection for it and he's got better over the last few days (no sneezing),he's spending so much time on the stand now, added a few toys now and a food bowl,never known a parrot want so many cuddles !. When i came home from work on tuesday i came through the door and when i said hello i was greeted by mango saying" alright" was so funny. ash
  4. Hi ady,welcome from ash and diana newbies ourselves,not got any experience with greys but had an amazon for twenty odd years ,had her from 12 weeks old and was a lovely bird but attached herself to me and would not tolerate anyone else (spoilt) she had good moods when anything would be ok ,then bad moods when she was a no go! ,sometimes if any friends came she took a fancy too she'd turn on me a bit ,so i would say amazons suffer with mood swings pretty much the same as humans !maybe males are different ,as for a good talker and tame ,all birds have there own character and will do as much or little as they want,i'm sure more experienced owners will have more info for you ,good luck and let us know which you choose. ash
  5. SORRY about me in this pic but mango having a great time!!
  6. Hi tom ,zazu looks super on his ladder,welcome from a relative newbie myself,plenty to look at here and a wealth of advice available too ,ash
  7. yes,still got to attach toy or two on it and a seed bowl . Gave mango a shower spray today ,he wasn't sure at first,but then soon started enjoying it . He has started making few different noises now ,sounds like he is trying to talk and has settled well into his new home ,he is quite needy,but then he is only a baby and we don't mind him sitting on us non stop ! lol , diana
  8. well i got one up!!lol dont know what happened to the other two? any help appreciated,ash
  9. Here is a couple more pics ,i made mango a t stand from some oak from work,trying to get him to spend a bit more time on his cage or stand ,but he much prefers to be on the shoulder !! http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg64/gnasher85/DSCF0340.jpg http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg64/gnasher85/DSCF0343.jpg
  10. Hi fuzz ,after a good read up the thing that drew us to a hahns was the way they seem to be less of a one person bird ,which is important having two young children,my amazon was for me and only tolerated diana when i was'nt around :wink: mango seems to be fine with any of us at the mo ,but he ?is so young and i know things can change as they get older ,but at the mo all he wants to do is cuddle into anyone of us ,got to be careful not to spoil him though. ash
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