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  1. advice is needed please my parrot charlie an african grey has started this high pitched tweet that is really testing us he does this when hes in his cage and we are still in the room he also does when we leave the room,when hes out hes fine,please help its winding us all up and he knows
  2. fuzz and ruby i taken some pics but i cant work out how to get them from photobucket back to my message ,i hear what your sayin in your head god this mans doin my headin,i am trying dont give up hope :oops: .ruby that is the food im feeding charlie,o and ive just got him back in in his cage without a fuss,well chuffd.photos to follow when i get my p brain to work
  3. hi all the food mix is called FRUITTI it contains assorted real fruit,cereals,sunflower and exotic nuts,he luvs his fresh apple and red grapes that iv been giving him .hes realy settled but ever time i try to leave the room he flys over to sit on my shoulder it took me an hour before to make a cup of tea because he wouldnt let me go????? :oops: .please keep the advice coming its better than the books
  4. he came with a bag of dried food and there mixed in with it could i ask why people dont feed there birds them,is there anything else i should steer clear off,thanks for your advice
  5. well ive just got my 6 month old african grey (charlie) yesterday,all is going well hes very tame with me he will fly and sit on my shoulder and let me stroke him.he doesnt speak yet but in time and with patience he will i hope,talking of patience you need lots to get him back in his cage.he seems to be happy luvs his fruit and monkey nuts hes like a squirrel.i will put some pics up soon just had lots to do ,cheers simon
  6. i may look daft but im not that daft lol,no i didnt fall for it, im going to contact loot now see what they do,thanks for the advice about were to look but my budget is tight so my chances are slim,thanks again simon
  7. hi ,been trying to find an african grey parrot for my family and in the search for one ive answered an advert in the loot .the advert states they have african greys for rehoming,after email contact only the lady informs me that she is in africa after just moved there on an aide mission and says she been told she has 2 weeks to get the birds back to the uk,so if i pay £100 for a travel create she will send a bird to me, plus another £250 for the bird.dont think ill be getting a parrot of her then ,ive got two emails off this person if there of any use to anyone.cheers simon
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