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  1. she is an amozon 16 mts old she will be traveinging in an parrot travel cage and i was thinking of a 42inc dog cage as these can be folded up easley
  2. well instead of getting an african grey we have a blue fronted amozon called stella she is 16 mts old a good talker ans whisels all the time the only problem is she is only semi tame and tryes to grab me through the bars with both feet and then tryes to bite
  3. well stella has been in this cage since xmas eve and so far she has not been able to get her head through as all so it seems to be ok she dose have a bad habbit of grabbing me through the bars with her feet
  4. we are due to go away in may for a few days and again in sep are dog cages ok as a temp home do they need to be silver ones or will the ones that are painted be ok
  5. the cage is huge thats not the problem the problem is the gap between the bars which is 1 12inc the cage itself is 5ft high 3 12 foot long and 2 12foot depth the cage was my uncles but the macaw he inherated died last year and he was going to take the cage to the tip but them gave it to me
  6. http://s111.photobucket.com/albums/n158/tropicallover1/?action=view&current=cage001.jpg this is the cage i have at the moment will this be ok for her
  7. hi i have been offerd a blue fronted amozon she is 15 mts old but i was wondering if the bar spaceing on my cage is going to be to wide it is about 1 12inc will this be to wide or not
  8. there here to stay my 6 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son love them to bits baby will happley take food from our hand but ice is still very scard after what the last owner did and i am hopeing they will get on with our african grey when he arrives in feb
  9. thankyou we have only had them 4 weeks now the lady i bought them of had tryed to mix them with her other female ringneck and they attaked her she didnot think to try and intruduce them slowley to her ringneck then she decided after only haveing them about 4 weeks herself that she would sell them but she hadnot botherd to clean them out for 4 weeks and they were in a right state but theu seem to of settled in well with us and have been trying to mate as well now
  10. http://s111.photobucket.com/albums/n158/tropicallover1/?action=view&current=iceandbaby.jpg http://s111.photobucket.com/albums/n158/tropicallover1/?action=view&current=iceandbaby003.jpg
  11. hi just trying to get pics onto photobucket
  12. hi my name is pennie i have joined hopeing that if i need any info someone will be able to help we all ready have 2 blue ringnecks ice and baby and hopefully in feb i will be getting my african grey parrot
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