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  1. hi marion if you send me your address ill post it to you tomorrow :-)
  2. would anybody like a parrot foraging toy for there medium to large parrot local to cambridge or could post , it is to big for po and he dosnt have the strength to pull the bottom having had a broken foot which is still weak toy is brand new still got tags
  3. thanks, po had the hump yesterday after my husband and son came home from work , he was fine climbing up my arm and onto sofa then back on my arm then for no reason i can see he growled at me started attacking me bite me 8 times drawing blood twice i was so shocked at this outburst, i put him on the back of the sofa and tried talking to him to which po started shouting po go na nights turn the light off go na night come on come on go na nights i put him back in his cage and he settled down for the evening thanks again
  4. its nice to know that when help is needed ... there is always someone there to give good advice , everyone on here wants a better life for there birds at the end off the day ...its a good site most people on here are really friendly and understanding, no matter how much you all know about your bird everyone started off at the bottom and worked your way up with the knowledge learned by others thats what makes a good friendy place , id like to take the time to say thank you to all who have helped me out thanks mandy
  5. if your parrot growls at you while sitting on your arm why should you not growl back at them ?? answers please
  6. hi fuzz po never got the treatment he needed on his foot the vet said his foot had been like that for a while they think his foot will get stronger with time being able to run around the floor and climb around,the cage he had been in for years was 1ft by 1ft 4inch it was awful we could hardly get him out of the door there's one thing for sure he will never be treated like that again for the reat of his life, po is home forever with me no matter what problems lie ahead bless him, and for xmas he's having his own boots to play in i keep putting photos on photo bucket but not sure if anyone can view them please someone help me set photobucket to my page thanks
  7. thank you ill try that, he has now taken root in my hug boot and keeps laughing i hope he dosnt think he is staying in there lol its too cold to go out in 1 unless he is trying to make sure i dont go out he is 1 step ahead of me im sure lol thanks again everyone for good advice
  8. just had a setback with po , had to take my dog to the vets when i got home po had pulled out the 7 new feathers which had just started to show on his bald chest typical im hoping he will realise eventually that i will be back bless him
  9. welcome sid and gucci im new on here also, everyone has been a great help with me and my hann's macaw po so i know if you ever need any help your in the rite place good luck mandy
  10. update on po got him out after dinner, he is amazing kept asking for tickle tickle so i gently stroked his back and he kept repeating it for about 10 mins no biteing at all, he then decided to he wanted feed me lovely i would much rather he kept his dinner to himself lol i have done a little video of him i will put it up tomorrow thanks everyone
  11. i have just been given a large corner cage for po wonderd whether this cage would be ok for po to move onto after xmas i would still put a large rat hammock across the cage incase he fell, just feel he needs more room than the cage he is in at the moment what would be the ideal cage size for a Hann's macaw ? thanks for all your help mandy
  12. po has made another large step today he climed off me onto the back of the sofa only for 5 mins then back on to me big steps for suck a little boy , he also seams to be getting a little more strength in his broken foot go po
  13. po has made another large step today he climed off me onto the back of the sofa only for 5 mins then back on to me big steps for suck a little boy , he also seams to be getting a little more strength in his broken foot go po
  14. fingertips.... my po loves them lol only had him just over 1 week he was only fed parrot mix for several years now he tucks into cabbage, sprouts ,sweatcorn , peppers, scrambled egg,carrot, grapes apricot apple and his love at the moment is a slice of strawberry and tiny bit of chicken and bean sprouts plus his usual bowl of seed
  15. THANK YOU everone for your help , i really appreciate your kind helpfull words and advice it seems po is setting his own pace now he said po go night nights and turn the light off at 7 last night and didnt wake up till 9.30 today with helloooo hellooooo giz a kiss bless him and tells me when he wants out of his cage with po come out come on po come out he is suck a sweet bird when out cuddles under my chin and asks for kisses , not sure weather in brave or stupid as i kiss his beak when he ask's for kisses time will tell if he is gona bite me lol im so happy that he seam content to be with me and im giving him a better life than he has had in the past any surgestions on how to stop him swearing he has a potty mouth very rude at times thanks again for all your help im also struggling to work photo bucket ? please help
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