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    Hi Everyone

  2. Thankyou for your kind words The moral of my heart failure is go to the dentist if you have an abcess or other problem. I was stoic and didn't go and the infection travelled to my heart and infected my left ventricle damaging it permanently. But, hey ho I'm still here and at only a mere 58 hope to be for a while yet. I dont think there is any hope for the forum this time .... even though kind folks paid for another year this time last year practically none of them have been back to post on a regular basis. Seems to me that forums in general have been left behind by Facebook.
  3. Nope, I'm relying on others totally this year .... have had heart failure for the last couple of years and, despite having the 'flu jab, have just had 3 weeks of 'flu which has left me with pleurisy so am not up to doing anything active at the mo. Chin up and get through is the order of the day
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    Best way to rehome

    You may find this link worth a read: ADVICE FOR ANYONE OFFERING A BIRD FOR REHOMING:
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    Hi Everyone

  6. MadMudMob™

    What am I supposed to do?

    Oh Debs I am so sorry three of your loved ones have gone to start their new journeys. Try to celebrate the lives of the ones still with you and know you have always done your absolute best for all of your darlings and seen them off to new horizons knowing they were loved very much and had the best care possible. If Doc gives you pills - be strong enough to take them; let them help you build a bridge to your happier place and know that every down and depression reaches a bottom so it can only be up from there.
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    Olly Coptor, RIP

    Oh, how sad but he had a perfect life with you
  8. Oh my .... no suggestions for such a strong and clever bird sorry but great to see you here again
  9. Sorry but according to John Hayward (of the Lost & Found Register) in the UK ...... 50% of escaped parrots are clipped - speaks for itself. In my opinion clipping any young bird is a shortcut to a mentally and behaviourely unbalanced adult
  10. MadMudMob™

    Biggest mistake of my life

    I am so sorry to read your sad post. I truly believe that it isn't the mistakes we make that ultimately matter in life but what we learn from them that counts most. Maybe think of one of the Conures as many of them are charming characters? I would, however, recommend thoroughly researching how to avoid a parrot becoming a screamer to help both you and a new bird not recreate past issues.
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    You could not make it up!

    Nasty cat! Does it wear a collar? If so maybe you could track down the owner, explain, and ask them to put a bell on it .... you could even present them with one as they are available in most pet shops and good old eBay? I really don't know how to deter cats apart from a good water squirting which helps in some instances
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    I am so sorry but, please, take comfort from the wonderful life you gave her
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    umbrella cockatoos

    Well done you!
  14. MadMudMob™

    Did they?

    'My' housematrins never appeared even though there are many locally now so the new artificial nest we gave them still lies empty whiile sparrows are raising young in the existing (natural) housemartin nest.