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  1. I was on the forum before, but family got crazy and I lapsed in my posting. I'm back! I will either update my profile, if it is still here, or post a new one. Happy to be back. Lois
  2. I have to admit I am overloaded right now with cats. I took in a mom and her two kittens for taming last summer and intended on placing the kittens after they were tame. But now they are wound around my heart and I can't bear to think about parting with them. So I am back up to 11 cats again. I must have SUCKER in big read letters across my forehead. I have had a lot of my older tiels die of chronic illnesses over the past year. Chip dropped dead of a stroke or heart attack and so did three of his sons. My vet said the necropsies showed severe arthrosclerotic disease of the heart and brain. Chip was bought at a pet store who got him from a breeder that produces birds fo medical experimentation. My vet feels he was one of those birds specifically bread for this type of experimentation. Why they would sell these birds as pets, I will never know. I had three accidents in the birdroom. My Amazon actually went hunting my lovebirds and killed two of them; she broke into their cage to kill them! I replaced their cage with a much sturdier one and now she is across the room far from them and their cage is Amazon proof. But that did not keep her from plucking one of the fliers out of the air and breaking her wing; Tasha died in surgery to fix her wing and broken beak. So I have one cockatiel left and am getting a friend for Gracie from another friend. It has been 15 years since I had just one cockatiel. But for me having multiple pets is a must. I just cannot live without pets and they have been a real lifesaver since my Mom died. They make me get out of bed because I have them relying on me every day.
  3. Chickens will even kill flock members who get injured and just look different to the group. The flocks are very rigid when it comes to who belongs and who doesn't and the membership individuals are serious about enforcing the rules.
  4. When I hand fed Diva, my handicapped tiel, she would sometimes demand and cry for a spoon feed after she was formally weaned and she kept that up once or twice a week until she was five years old. After she was five she never asked again. She was such a special lady.
  5. Hey Hotfoot: Do you get the Toad Joose fertilizer made from destroyed cane toads for anything? I saw that on Animal Planet when they aired a special about the war on cane toads. Sometimes I skip the vermiculite and use coffee grounds instead for the compost. Works wonderful. So do used tea leaves.
  6. "George Looney?" LOVE it! Georgie Pink?
  7. Sunshine is 12 and Emmie is 14 years old and Gracie Tiel is 15 and they will all still take food, especially slightly sweetened and warm cooked oatmeal off a spoon with great relish. It is also a great way to get meds into your parrot. Trixie will not take anything from a spoon and looks at me when I offer it like she is highly insulted! Precie and Pedro are terrified of utensils; which is logical since Michael used to fling utensils at his cage when he was screaming and Michael had a headacke. People are stupid.
  8. Of course Alice is a fussy lady; she is Dusty's pet, and only the best is good enough for her! My budgies used to wait for the marigold plants to flower and then eat the leaves if I was dumb enough to leave them in the birdroom. I never understood how they could stand the peppery taste of them. I grow sunflower seeds to flower in pots for the birds and they love them. I love watching them wrestle with getting the seeds out of the heads. Talk about foraging. I also like to grow tall grasses to seed and watch them try and climb the stalks to get to the seed heads. It is a wonder peep into the world of wild birds.
  9. Hotfoot, I just had to giggle when you wrote "pot plant" because here that phrase only means marijuana. Would Marijuana effect a bird's metabolism? I know it effects cats much like catnip does; my brother used to smoke with his tabby cat in his lap and he said the cat got progressively relaxed and boneless the more he smoked until finally the cat oozed onto the floor and stayed there for four hours before moving. I gave Tommy a hard time about exposing his cat to drugs, but it seemed the cat would seek out Tommy and his roomie when they smoked and would deliberately inhale the smoke. Anyway, I only use organic compost for fertilizer in plants I take into the birdroom. If they get into that then I know at least is is 100% natural. Absolutely no chemicals. One good base for organic fertilizer is cows blood and vermiculite; then add kitchen waste and shreded leaves and you have it after just three to six months; depending on the time of the year.
  10. I still want to know why Australians call food 'tucker"!
  11. I have fostered Emmie CAG for going on four years since Yvonne cannot have Emmie in the home she is currently living in. Yvonne visits, unfortunately not as often as she should, but Emmie has no problem with he being her and then being gone for a while. Yvonne 'sold' Emmie to me for $1.00 so I could get him vet care if he needed it without any problems. We have a formal agreement about care and maintenance, etc. Works great.
  12. The 'wetness' is a natural protection for the nuts against being eaten; which is why most birds and animals leave them alone. Squirrels take them and store them, thus allowing them to dry naturally. Crows are noted for taking nuts and then doing something mechanical to them (pulverise, rub, smash) to ge to the inside of the nut and avoid the chemicals in the 'fruit' covering.
  13. For those of us who live in climates less "forgiving" than Hotfoot, dried fruit is a big help. Much better than canned fruit, less good than fresh. My bird mix has unsulphered dried fruit and my birds love it. I use Kathie's Bountiful Harvest from My Safe Bird Store.
  14. Congrats on the hatchday, Dusty. You sure enjoyed your cake!
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