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  1. Lemon is frightnened (at the moment) by pine cones so I've put pine cones on many pieces of furniture. Very decorative! Have a try. It may work for a time.
  2. Wish you a very happy christmas!
  3. Nadine91

    Alices cage

    I've had a look at your album. What sort of white bird have you got? It's lovely.
  4. I think you should keep them for treats only. They contain too much fat to be eaten all day long.
  5. Nadine91

    second cockie done

    How lovely! They are fit for parrots as for children. Xmas is coming soon!
  6. Nadine91

    My heart is aching

    I'm so sorry to hear you had rehome your dear birds. The new owner will contact you soon I'm sure. It's the thing I dread.
  7. Nadine91


    We'd like to know please.
  8. Nadine91

    Mr Elvis THE Pidgeon-too

    Impressive! Never seen a pink kkto! lol
  9. Nadine91

    Itchy feet?

    Not a problem with her identity ring?
  10. Lemon, our lesser crested sulphurea cockatoo isn't very noisy but sometimes likes to be heard when calling. I'm careful not to leave him outside alone to spare the neighbours' ears. Never had problems with them.
  11. Nadine91

    grape warning!!!!

    I was sorry Lemon doesn't like grapes. I'm not anymore!
  12. Hi David! Merci. I love your frog.
  13. Thank you. I forgot to tell you I'm french. I live near Paris.
  14. Nadine91

    Good morning!

    Lemon doesn't talk but only the melody imitating mine when I ask him "did you have a good sleep?". He knows the tune but not the lyrics;