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  1. Thanks for all the advice everyone ! xx
  2. thank you david and blee great ideas will try them x
  3. Thank you, am trying to find some natural wood to put in her cage i would use wood from trees but heard lots of different things on what to use and what not to use it can get a bit confusing. i know you can use apple tree branches but no one i know has an apple tree !!! x
  4. Hi, ive seen some hamster tubes made out of wood for sale and just wanted to know if it is safe to make toys out of them for molly? i dosent say what type of wood it is only that its 100% natural wood.
  5. Thank you and yes i think she is amazing now !! but there were many times that i didnt. you just have to keep on trying little steps. when i got molly she wasn't tame at all and i have had many bites from her but i didnt give up every time i went near her i said scratch and started with a little touch to her head it was hard at first cause all she wanted was to eat my fingers but i kept at it and the scratches got longer. now we sit down in the evening and she keeps pushing her head into my finger to give her a scratch. even now there are times when she is on her cage and i will say scratch and she will look like she is going to bite but i stay there and say it till she puts her head down for me to scratch which is usually on the second scratch. i must admit i cant believe how brave ive been after the first bite i had , but i didnt want to give her away as she had already had too many homes before me. Just keep doing what your doing xxxx
  6. Oh just to let you know molly now has a new cage bigger than me and we are still best friends xxx
  7. How high is the cage? i am only 5ft and i got molly's cage legs cut down so she was lower than me when she sat on top of the cage. I think this helped her with the dominance. i moved the cage so it was in a less busy area of the living room so i wasnt constantly walking past to go to other rooms so she didnt feel she had to defend her area constantly, and also spent alot of time just sitting by her cage and getting closer till i was right next to the cage without her trying to bite me. as for the predictable part molly is lovely most of the time but i now know the signs of her getting fed up of me and will put her back in the cage when she has had enough, its just a case of spending time and you will get to know judy alot better than you thought you did thats what happened to me and molly. at times she is hard work still but i understand her alot more now and where ever iam in the house you can guarantee molly is close by even at bath times!!!! I hope i have helped a little, im no expert and i can only tell you what worked for me but you can pm whenever you have a question if i can help i will. vicki xxx
  8. How gorgeous is he !!!! xxx
  9. Hi,from molly and me. Dont know if i can help but i have the same thing with my parrot and all i can say is time and patience. when i got molly she was a nightmare constantly screaming and would bite me the first chance she got ( i should say attack more than bite!!) And as for the screaming i thought i was gonna go mad, didnt think i could ever stop her. And thought about giving her away myself to someone who would know how to, but after spending time with her just talking to her at first then when she trusted me she would come to me for the food and love and we got i little further every day. now she comes to me steps up on my hand and we do the cleaning together and play football with the dogs together etc etc. dont get me wrong she still likes to scream every now and again when she's not getting what she wants but i just ignore her and the screaming dosent last that long now (were down to a couple of screams before she knows she's not getting want she wants) ive come to except that thats just the way she is, just like a child having a tantrum !!! All i can say keep doing what your doing it will get better. I hope this helps i just wanted you to know there is hope, because ive been there. And now there is no way i would ever part with molly i love her to pieces. xxx
  10. Here's a few pics of my lot x http://s1094.photobucket.com/albums/i442/voo1/my%20babies/?action=view&current=920e6a3e.pbw
  11. Hi, Dracyia i will do ive just worked out how to put a pic of my beautiful molly up. hopefully more to follow :-k
  12. Hi, and thanks for all your reply's will have a look at ebay. Thank you
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