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  1. Thanks for all your kind comments.Missy is getting spoilt rotten.
  2. Thought it was possibly liver probs. Sad to see the kids upset. Should I get another chick or not?
  3. I`m sorry to say that little Humpty did not make it and is now flying free. I`m absolutely gutted. :cry:
  4. Thanks.My other Grey is fine mind,same diet ,etc
  5. Going to vet tomorrow,hoping its vitamin d deficiency so a UV lamp is a must. :cry:
  6. He does have control of his feet.Bit of a growler
  7. At the moment he`s hunched up,but still eating and drinking.On a perch as well
  8. He has seed mix with fresh fruit and veg Calcium drops in his water.9 years old. Will take him to the vet tomorrow but any ideas in the meantime. Thanks in advance. :cry:
  9. I`m a newbie to this site and have two Greys.Missy is a 3 year old hen and Humpty is a 9 year old cock,both great little characters. I live in Newport ,S.Wales. Dave
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