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  1. Hi thats fantastic news, I have developed a nasty allergic reaction to our Judy and it has really knocked me down and i'm going for more tests tomorrow for allergic aviolitis diagnosis. my husband and i had a long talk about her and i just can't get near her any more to give her the love she needs (especially as she doesn't like him anymore) It breaks my heart to say we are seriously looking for a new home for her as i feel Judy is not getting the attention she deserves. I am glad you are doing well and you can still keep your lovely feathered friends
  2. Thank you, i think she is lovely even if my allergy towards her is getting worse
  3. I forgot After she landed http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j156/wandadog/?action=view&current=Judycloseup.jpg
  4. Just thought i'd say thank you for all those helping, i visited them on a wednesday late morning to lunchtime.
  5. I will PM anyone who wants to see for themselves but i just don't like shaming openly just as a personal preference. But also could use a second opinion
  6. i forgot in a couple of the finch cages their food bowls were full of empty seeds and poop and some had laid eggs in the "food" bowls, poor little buggers
  7. I'll PM you if you like, to my suprise there reptiles were in good condition along with their aquatics, mammels and rodents. Although i wasn't impressed with their care of the inverts they had and the wrong identifications they had.
  8. Whilst i was staying with my parents, we visited a garden centre/ exotic pet shop which some of their husbandry is very good but their inverts and bird were not very good at all. i hadn't been there for over 2 years so finally wondered over to the hand reared parrots, who have always been kept in a glass enclosure under lock and key with their seperate cages inside. i noticed they had a couple hand reared OW amazons and i wanted to have a look as i've never seen another one in the flesh and looked round and they didn't look green, really dull with a greyish yellow coming through in the feathers which didn't look in the best shape, Then a poor little plucked African grey looking very sorry for itself and a blue and gold macaw just sat at the bottom of its cage. the air was soo thick with stale dust i could barely breath. Their smaller birds were in dirty crowded cages. Their aviary birds didn't look too bad but there was little shelter (i hope they make it warmer for when the winter comes. I was very dissapointed :evil: Anyway came home and i think Judy really missed me and we had lots of tickles and chatting going on and she looks brilliant compared to the other ones, but unfotunately the inevitable happened. she is back to squawking again. Also since i have been back my allergy to her has been horrible, i feel like i have the flu. Off to the doc's again methinks. Sorry for the long post :wink:
  9. Thanks i don't know how, i'm going away till next saturday in about half an hour but if any one knows how i can do it next week. I'm glad you all like her. Thank you:D
  10. She is lovely and i'm going to miss her this week as we are away to see family i haven't seen in 2 yrs so my father in law will be looking after her, so i'm not looking forward to all the bad habits coming back
  11. Hi fuzz how is ollies nostrals been lately, i'm sure he will in time. btw i loved the pic of kobe's bum in the stationary cuboard,very sweet
  12. Ok i hope this works http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j156/wandadog/?action=view&current=Judyflyingc.jpg
  13. Thank you very much, i was actually looking away at the time bracing for her landing as she can land rather close to your face and got really lucky. But she will only fly to me if i have the camera, i have tried other things and yummy naughty food and she doesn't want to know. She doesn't even want to attack the camera, just to look and pose.
  14. Thank you She's really good tbh, the screaming has almost stopped. she occasionally does if she really feel left out but its not much. although she has chewed right through one of her perches and it nearly hit her on the head so of course it needed attacking. Hows yours going??
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