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  1. Thanks for that Derek, that's exactly what he's doing; a great relief. Paul
  2. I wonder, could I be overdosing him on vitamins? particularly A, which seems to have some odd effects. He has a well balanced diet, seed, pellet and lots of fresh veg/fruit, he gets a palm nut twice a week and one of his favourite foods is sweetcorn, on the cob, and I know high in vit A but I also use a vitamin supplement; I think I'll leave out the supplement, see what happens.
  3. Hi Jenny Thanks, yes definetly an Alexandrine.
  4. I've observed what's happening a bit more closely, all of a sudden he will jerk his neck into his body 2 or3 times in quick successsion, no other part of him is involved, he seems to be oblivious of it happening and he can be involved in any activity at the time, he just carries on as normal, there can be a few repetitions and then nothing for a considerable time, I did notice this once before some time ago and nothing more till today. Apart from this his behaviour is perfectly normal, well for him, at the moment he's climbing down the outside of his cage after my dinner, I've wracked my brains trying to think of anything which might have changed, diet cage etc, but nothing seems to have; I'm a bit concerned but as i said he is just as energetic and full of mischief as ever so at a bit of a loss really and the vet's will be out of the question for another day or so at least. Paul
  5. I'll watch out to see what he does with his wings next time I see him do this. He is absolutely normal in everyway, talking away, leaping around his cage, he leaps from his perch to the cage side then does the splits to get back, eating well and when out, flying around as usual and biting my pictures.
  6. Hi I'm a bit concerned about Luther, since yesterday he has been rapidly pulling hid head into his body and then stretching out his neck for a few seconds at a time, as if something is stuck in his throat, he does not seem to be distressed by this at all. Apart from this he seems to be totally himself, active, chatting away and eating fine, if anything this action seems to be associated with a period of chatting/grumbling rather than eating and certainly he has been trying to talk a bit more than usual in the last few days with some words starting to become almost clear. Has anyone come across this before? A visit to the vet is out of the question at present, I can't even get to work. Paul
  7. I cannot believe, or even remotely understand, that this person was only banned from keeping birds for 2 years, why not for life; or would that be an infringement of his human rights.
  8. So how are they settling in so far Tim? Paul
  9. Hi Tim Luther has been with me for nearly 3 months, my first parrot relationship, according to the breeder he is definetly a male, we'll see. What can I tell you; he's very independant, loves to fly around the room and between his cage and stand, will try anything he's offered, favourites: sweetcorn, pomegranite, hazelnuts, coconut, celery, sugar snap peas and sugar cane, loves toys he can destroy, not so keen on acryllic as it is nearly indestructible. Not very tactile, I'm allowed to to stroke his chest very rarely, he'll let me know when it's enough with a gentle bite, he often warns me off with a growl, pin eyes and a gentle bite, he really seems to know how to limit his bites and use them as a warning without hurting. His cage is very much his, I'm allowed to change bowls, toys etc but not touch; interestingly you can put anything in the cage, he may ignore it but it never upsets him. The only thing that really makes him angry is fruit flies, you'd think that these things, which are the size of a pin head, had the ability to eat a parrot whole; he screams and flails his wings whenever one comes into his field of vision; otherwise he's very quiet. He sits on my shoulder and quickly learnt that my glasses are out of bounds, he tries to preen me but having a shaved head and "designer stubble" he gets a bit frustrated. Altoghether a wonderful experience, although I noticed today when I went to the supermarkek I spent about £10 on me and my son and about £15 on his fruit and vegetables; mmmmmmmm. Paul
  10. I have a Liberta cage and whilst I can identify the potential problem with the feeding bowl retaining rings I've found that by screwing the retaining nuts fully home the gap opens up to nearly 1/2"; but yes, if this is not done, the narrow gap which results is dangerous.
  11. welcome, as another new comer, both to the board and as a parrot person, it's nice to see someone else from Glasgow. Paul
  12. Luther (6 month old Alexandrine) currently eats kaytee rainbow, as well as lots of fruit and vegetables with nuts and some seeds, however, I've discovered that kaytee contains artificial colourings and am not happy about this so want to change. Would I be better staying with a natural pellet, such as Zupreem natural or Nutribird original, or would a low sunflower seed mix such as Tidy Mix be the way to go, although I would prefer no sunflower, perhaps CKC's eurotop parakeet mix? Luther says any help would be very welcome. Paul
  13. Hi all For the last 6 weeks I've been getting to know Luther my 6 month old Alkexandrine and so far we seem to be hitting it off. I did a fair bit of research and reading before deciding that an Alexandrine was the bird for me and eventually tracked down a breeder in the borders with a choice of 3 babies, went to see and returned with Luther; the breeder was certain all the birds were male but obviously won't be certain for a couple of years. He's settled in really well, still getting used to me but happy to spend the evenings sitting on my shoulder, although not so happy when it's time to return to his cage. I'm feeding him pellets, lots of vegetables, some fruit and nuts as treats, he'll eat virtually anything, and lots of it. I have a fairly small flat but he's learnt to safely negotiate the front room and has a particular liking for perching on my bookcase; I've got a perch on the way which combined with his open top cage will hopefully save my books from too much unwelcome attention. I've learnt a great deal from this, and other, forums, the peanuts and sunflower seeds quickly ended up in the bin, and hope to learn a lot more. Paul
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