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  1. hi i have had my GCC for nearly a year ish.. when we first got her she was pretty agressive and very bitey.. she also hated me and loved my bf.... however now she changes her mind and currently im her favourite person and she not keen on tom!! she is also quite unpredictable she will be sat with us quite happily and then out of nowhere she charges at one of us with a good bite! it seems to be hands she dislikes the most.. shes got a brill character and a proper madam but i love her to bits but as i have a little more time on my hands i would like to try and train her a little bit in simple commands just makin it easier to get her in and out of her cage. ( she is currently swinging in my hair) i have tried clicker training with her..which did work a little but she really doesnt seem that interested.. can anyone suggest any good books or advice to gettin me started??
  2. the room she is in has two windows but we live in a area where the trees shade the house a lot of the time, She is on Conure pellets which is a full diet that is why we dont suppliment further. We do have some pure calcium that my OH uses for our reptiles, would this help her at all? She does get fresh fruit every day though and recently we have been giving her some stuff to help her with her new feathers. Her pin feathers have been on her since we had her, she does go through stages where there are more than others, We are hoping that the uv will help with the pin feathers and her general quality of life. We will lwe you know how it goes when the light arrives
  3. i originally wanted a sun a conure but after all the advice i decided to get a green cheeked conure! i rehomed her due to her last owners working night shifts so never having time for her... i work from 9 till 3 and leave the tv on for her, when i get home she is pretty much out all the time! she has her moments but she is very quiet in general... i do feel bad for leaving her during the day but i honestly think it doesnt bother her that much!!
  4. hello i have a GCC and the room i have her in is really quite dark all the time... so i was think of getting her a uv bulb or some sot of lighting for her while she is there will the light make a big difference to her? is it worth gettin her lighting any opinions?? also she always seems to have alot of pin feathers is this something todo with lighting?
  5. well im in north wales!! i have phoned quite a few places but not much luck really!! at the moment it looks like i might have to take her to my local vets?? will try and get a photo up!!
  6. ok i have phoned 3 vets today but none of them are proper avian vets as it said on the internet... so i have found one abou 2hours away is this to far to travel for her or wil she be ok???
  7. Well i have not had her long enough to kno how much it should be done. But the owners told me to use toe clipper or a nail file. Thy said they took her to vet and it really stressed her out plus she won't travel in a carrier so don't kno wat to put her in without stressing to much? She has things to file her beak down but as it's the bottom part of her beak she can't do it herself
  8. hi my 2 year old green cheek conure who i have had for about 4 wekks ish... she has a bit of a strange beak.. o think its called scissor beak or something but the previous owners said she was spoon fed and it grew out to the side... they said it needed triming each month... now if anyone has seen my other posts she is a proper biter and i dont think she is totally settled with us yet?? although after not really being able to do anything with her with out coming out with chunks out of me she is i think alot better... she does have days where she is very grumpy like today!!! anyway as she seems to trust us a little better i dont want to go and ruin that with tryin to trim her beak?? whats the best way to do it and what with?? thanks jessie
  9. i was expexting a little nippy as i did read they were... but not liike this... im totall covererd in bite marks...she even goes for eyes!!! thank you for everyones advice!! i just feel like i have hit a brick wall at the moment.. cause i feel im trying everything and she is getting much worse... i did months of reading and research into trying to get the right bird cause she is my first and now feeling a little lost with it!! i have read tons on training etc but im telling you she is one clever cookie... i have been told to use a perch instead of my hand, she will either run up the perch onto you or occasionly she wont budge.. but her main trick is as soon as she is out she will get onto your back or shoulder and its near impssible to get her off...and shes sure knows this!!! and there is no stopping her she will bite her way up!! when she does bite whats the best to do... i have tried not reacting even though it was really painful..(she will get hold of your skin and tug and tear at you)but i have been doing this for a whie and clearly not working... another way i have read its to walk away but this easier said then done as she will chase u or fly onto your back, it takes so long to get her back in her cage! this beheviour couldnt of developed over three weeks could it?? cause i did ask lots of questions about her (i even wrote a list lol) and asked about biting etc and they said she was good as gold???
  10. i have also read that birds only bite out of fear...is this true.. as i think i can confidently say she is defo not scared cause she is charging at me all the time even if im not trying to do anything with her...
  11. hi i have had my green cheek conure for about 3 weeks she is 2 years old. when we got her we were told she prefered men but when there was no males present she would be really happy with a female.. so as she was for me i thought this was an ok as my bf is out most of the time so she would be ok with me and then we he got home she would go to him. although i knew this i did ask wether she would be agressive towards me when he was around and they said no she would just prefer to sit woth him which was fine with me.... however..... the first week we had her she was devoted to my bf and would just bite me alot...so i tried clicker training with her and always did the positve things with her like feeding, training letting her out and my bf did the not so positive things like putting her away which is when she can turn into birdzilla now this week she is biting non stop even my bf now but more aimed at me!! it was painful before but it really is hurting now... and its just really difficult to anything like getting her out cause it can take nearly 25mins to get her back in her cage... i cant get her in with out her dangling from my hand, can anyone give me any advice, its really starting to get to me cause i have been really determined but nothing seems to be working... im now begining to think that she was being sold because of her biting but i was told that she doesnt bite.. does she hate us that much??!?! hellp!!!!!!
  12. i also might add that im pretty sure she is coming into malt...could this be making her a little grumpy??
  13. i think tonight i might have got somewhere with her....she was sat on me just as much as my boyfriend..which is really good as she would always fly to him... she was still biting me though .. she hates my hands. i know when she bites we shoould leave the room but once shes on you its very hard to get her off.. im not sure if this was totally the wrong thing to do.. but i haf covered my hand and she did her usual keep biting but as it wasnt hurting i just left my hand there until she got bored cause nothing was happening then praised her when shed stopped for a few seconds i only tried this once as im not sure if this is sending the wrong signals...??
  14. thank you....am goin to try my best.. well the family i bought her from said she did prefer men as she was hand rearded by a male..but hey said she wasnt a problem with females..they said she would just prefer to sit on a male if they were in the room, but they said she was fine with the women in the house but they never said much about her biting..so wondering if its something directly about me loL!!!
  15. she charged at me a few times yesterday he was there... when we are alone together she just bites alot!!!! i have heard lots of one bird person birds but is there a chance i can solve this so i can keep my fingers!!!
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