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  1. Thanks for the info. I decided just to let them get on with it. Fury does seem to just be showing off all the time. William is still a little scared of me, but each day at a time he is getting used to me being there.
  2. Here is my latest addition "William" He's male to pair with my female "Fury" collected him this afternoon he's still abit scared. any tips on introducing the two parrots? [/img]
  3. I have lived my life buy buying bigger and it always seems to work out well to be fair. The cage is really well made and I am impressed with the over all finish. As I said i've looked at pretty much every cage in one pet shop this cage was up for £750.00.. I ordered online from CKW - Kevin (really great guy by all accounts) and had it within days. As you know its BIG I mean really big! but I would like for my birds to breed one day and have thoughts of an in cage and nest box with a connection flight to outside via a wall... anyway I think it will work.. if not i'll just have a really cool parrot house lol I have the bug i'm already looking for a male and keep thinking about other birds. Saying that tho I did sell all my reptiles (I had quite a few) to scale down to my dog and the parrot. Nova 2 you will find the room!
  4. yep correct i had a look at both and the nova 2 seemed to be a better cage and for the price.
  5. http://twitpic.com/33aogq Low down food point.
  6. I've placed the food bowls quite low down as she likes to throw her food all over the place. Shes already been down to have a munch now back up to the top wittering on to herself... witter witter witter whooooo witter.
  7. Mainly because I can, but because I wanted her to have the biggest cage I could find.. sort of takes over the lounge tho.. oh well She seems to be doing well eating like a pig and jumping about http://twitpic.com/339iie/
  8. No thats fair enough, just seeing what the facts are.. this forum is after all a resourse for info right
  9. Hi Guy, Just got back from the parrot and bird show in stafford. I did wonder tho..... Can you breed bg& macaws with say a scarlett macaw? or do they for genetic reasons are they only suited to colours?.. bit of a weird question I guess.. my other one would be can you keep diffrent types of macaw in the same cage? and does it matter which sex they are? Vex
  10. Gaia, I like that. Well I'm sure the end result will be over the weekend! On speaking to the guys at rob hardy they suggested that the food was only going to go up. How long should a 5kg bag last for a parrot of this size?
  11. Hey again, I popped up to rob hardy today i was a little surprised at the £36.00 costs fort macaw food for a 5kg bag, then to be told that the price is going up!!! don't get me wrong if thats the price to pay i'll pay it or buy it in bulk.. Regarding the name shes beed sexed as a female, my dog is called must (not after the band) so i have been looking as in Greek mythology. Thlia or Maia is pretty much where I am at the moment. Tory - do you really lend out your parrots? Also is anyone going up to the show on Sunday?
  12. Hey all, Tory I was looking a cockatoo prior to finding a breeder of macaws
  13. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4144/5053643051_c366fec900.jpg
  14. Hello I have just joined for a resource as i've just got a b&g macaw shes 5 months old and going through the learning motions. She seems to be picking up things very quickly. I think i'm going to put some youtube vidoes together about training and what i'm currenly doing with my macaw. I'm still thinking of a name tho...!! any suggestions?
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