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  1. Dog choke chain and those links you get on toys?
  2. Only thing that would worry me is the no returns, sold as seen bit, ....really heavy cage if the wheels are bent???....maybe a pick up only job, (if you have got a lorry!!)?
  3. looks an amazing cage, bet it was a fortune!!! lucky parrot
  4. Interesting reading, but if they are only just aware of the problem how can they replace the feeders, it would surely take ages to get them remade and shipped from china, or are they offering more of the same? regarding directing the poster here, I get the impression he already has been.
  5. Yes I can see that and know it's not liberta's problem but if the product is no good and the retailer will not play the game maybe the manufacturer will value their reputation more than the cost of a cage but as they are not answering about the bowl issue maybe they are as bad?
  6. that's interesting, I thought it was sky pets that did montana? calley, will liberta not help with a refund on your dodgy cage?..it must be their problem in the end?
  7. As a new owner all this is really worrying to me, are all cages clearly named so you know you are not buying one of these liberta ones? i am getting a rainforest santos cage, scarlett recomended it for my rescue amazon
  8. i have just bought the smaller one for sharli for the trip to the vets next week, seems great, I have put a toy and some nuts in it and left it next to her cage so she gets used to it.......getting her in should be fun!
  9. How about this one? http://www.parrotcage.co.uk/shop/article_84/RAINFOREST-WINDSOR-LARGE-CORNER-PARROT-CAGE-IS-SIMILAR-TO-THE-(MONTANA-DENVER-CORNER)-AND-DELIVERED-FREE..html?shop_param=cid%3D20%26aid%3D84%26
  10. I would contact the maker and if no luck trading standards, it sounds a nightmare!!
  11. I am going for a santos with the Perch on top (gym top?), it looks great compared with the horrible one my bird is in at the moment, (he's a rescue and still in his original cage).
  12. I think they have two sizes on there?
  13. I have looked at it as a weekend cage as well
  14. I am planning on getting a new cage at the end of the month, it was thankfully not one of this make, it's a worry
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