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  1. Haha,I bet thats funny to watch!Poppy would be disgusted with me,if I did that!
  2. Dont worry,I knew what you meant
  3. Mmm,I will get a lettuce and shread it up for her.Thanks
  4. What sort of foliage?Anything I should avoid?
  5. The hoover? Anythings worth a go. What do you use for a bath?
  6. Hi guys. My parrot seems very dusty at the moment. She hates being sprayed with water,she sees it as punishment (from previous owners) How can I calm the dust down,with out upsetting her too much?
  7. Thanks all for the welcome.I am having a browse around.Please be gentle with me! Although I have always had birds,of 1 description or another, you are never too old to learn!
  8. I thought it was something like that,thanks
  9. Sorry if its the wrong place to put this,but how long will a congo african grey live?
  10. Its my fault she swears.Always at the most inappropriate times. But thats Greys,hey?! Sorry if I dont understand the lingo here.Im used to fish forums,I keep malawi as well.(strange pet theme!)
  11. Hi,Im Kathy I have an african grey parrot,called poppy.She is a nutter. She is about 6 years old,and hand tame.She swears like a trooper :oops: Her cage is quite big.She just chewed right through her perch,little begger!
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