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  1. Finally I could add a photo in my signature part. BUT, I can only see it when I use Firefox. If I use IE, I can't see it...
  2. Fuzz, I took away the parts but it only shows the url instead of the photo. what code you used in your signature so that the picture is shown?
  3. Oh I did it! but I still couldn't place my pic in signature part...
  4. Thanks for your reply and welcome my friends. Yet, I don't know how to post a photo here...
  5. Hi from Hong Kong. I live with 5 lovely parrots - 2 Mini-macaws, 2 Rainbow Lories, and a Senegal Parrot. They are naughty but sweet. Every day no matter how tired I am, once when I get back to work, I let them be free in my room. By the way, I don't know how post a photo here... http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=10684908&extra=page%3D1 Anything wrong with my code?
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