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  1. One issue is (i believe from reading the previous thread) is that Jem doesn't know where they live and only has a mobile number. I'm sure she would have been round there straight away other wise.
  2. Like many others I cut up battons of untreated pine that I buy from B&Q my Crackers adores chewing them to bits and I know it's safe. Unless you know for certain what the wood is I would personally stay away from it.
  3. Hi Birdy people, With the cold weather closing in more and more rapidly I am looking for a heater to keep the chill off. I know many of them are not safe for Crackers due to teflon etc. Does anyone know about Halogen heaters? are they safe to use in the same room as my baby? Many thanks
  4. can anyone help me with how to put photos up please?
  5. It's a safe cardboard tube. I get mine from pets at home. They are brightly coloured and designed for rabbits but Crackers just loves them. You can hang them up with a perch (running the length of the cage). They cost about £5. So glad he is ok, and you....what a terrible stress and shock it must have been.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. How do I put photos up? I am not used to all this technology
  7. Hi im new here as is my baby - 10year old CAG called Crackers. we have been together for 5 years now and are a very happy couple :-) just thought i would drop in and say hello. im now off to preuse the site....see you all soon
  8. my goodness im glad your baby is ok. these things are death traps. i cant believe they still sell them. have you tried a chube? my grey adores his.
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