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  1. well hes back to his old ways hes picked loads lately and im not sure what to do? ive just started a new job and i work random hours and some times not getting in til 1am, i cant spend as much time with him as he requires it seems as its only started happening since ive been out the house more, hes seemed to be talking less than normal now and not playing with his toys as much, it upsets me to see him like this but just dont know what to do really
  2. my grey seems to like chewing nots, hes a bloody pain bless him
  3. awwww both are so gorgeous, bramble is tiny bless her >_<
  4. can they not chew straight threw the leather?
  5. was wonder what u all use to hang toys? ive been using laces but he loves chewing at the knots and im sick of rehanging them now lol... was thinking some chains but id have to get them specially cut and i change his cage round often so be a mess bout with all chains etc, so if anyone has any ideas then please let me know
  6. thought since im now a chatty member i thought id post some pics of our new addtion to the family shes almost 8 weeks old and called snowy, kids love her to bit already lol... cant wait til 'sonic' (my parrot) starts barking like her lol
  7. hi from darlington in the northeast... can help with fostering, temp accomodation, rescue, generally help out in anyway i can.... have a car so can and willing to travel.. email: ronnylovesdena@hotmail.co.uk or feel free to PM me. Ronny
  8. thought time for some piccys heres his chest: http://i1043.photobucket.com/albums/b432/ronny1986/44f497d6.jpg http://i1043.photobucket.com/albums/b432/ronny1986/7be521a5.jpg massive difference!! , cant seem to get a good one of his back though >_<
  9. ive tried alsorts with my bird and he doesnt seem to like treats :-/ ive tried palm nuts which he wont eat, ive tried honey covered nuts, only thing he will take is slated peanuts but with there being so much salt on them i didnt really like giving him any, i only gave him 2 or will 1 or 2 a day be fine for him? thanks
  10. well im pleased to inform hes still doing well, he only seems to touch his white feathers (but june told me they crush them up if i remembered right, so maybe hes just doing that) hes not touching his proper feathers now anyway just bought him some treats and 3 new toys cause its his 5th birthday next monday, gonna do him a big cooked meal for his birthday, might even wrap his presents for him so he can shred the paper heh
  11. ive got the Haiti cage, down points from me are limited to how many toys with it being a dome shape at the top and the door hinges snap if u open it to far
  12. was it an aviator he bit through first time or can they not bite through the aviator ones?
  13. i really want one for him now lol i think he would be a bit scared of oit at first mind, so ill hang it near his cage for a few weeks
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