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  1. Wow 7 macaws, that is some dedication as having 2 parrots keeps me out of mischief with all the socialising, cage cleaning etc and not to mention the mess around the cage. This would give me so much peace of mind knowing he will be looked after by an experienced macaw keeper as they are like our children in a way. Im really grateful for the offer of boarding and will give you a call to discuss further. Many thanks Sam
  2. Thank you for your reply. My husband is originally from Sunderland so I am always up and down the A19 and know exactly where the turn off is for Redcar. That would be brilliant if you would be able to help us for the August holiday. Im fairly new to this forum.... so how do I get in touch with you.. .is there an option on here to send an email?? I did board Wilbury with a lady locally but it turned out she had no experience with larger birds despite telling me he wouldnt be a problem as looked after a cockatoo before... turned out she meant cockertiel lol. She complained he was loud when he shouted as they are when they have their moments. Thanks again for getting in touch - very kind
  3. I am an owner of a green wing macaw called Wilbury and looking for anyone willing to take him in for holidays as I have recently moved to a rural location and have no one in the area to help. I am very happy to accept birds for boarding and I have lots of experience as owned parrots a long time and already provide boarding for others. I also have an african grey parrot but she goes and stays with my sister as she doesnt like change very much. Wilbury is 6 years old and a typical macaw, some days very quiet and other days likes the sound of his voice but generally a happy chappy and easy to handle. I have a holiday planned for the 28th of August until the 4th of September and I am hoping to resolve the problem locally by means of a house sitter.. however if anyone out there willing to help then that would be great.
  4. thanks for all the replies, will buy batteries (as cant find any with enough power) to take a photo..... coming back from work today and its look a bit better so guess he has been having a good rub down today, lots of rough things in his cage to help file them down and with regards to sunlight his cage is situated next to a window with vertical blinds which are always tilted open to allow sunlight in and he also gets outside time in his avairy when not too cold... try and do the best I can for a captive bird as appreciate they need stimulation etc.
  5. the senegal is a close relative and very similar, they are probably easier to get hold of as I do see quite a few for sale round where I live in Hull. Sadly Toby died last year and I would definitely if ever buying another bird consider another or a senegal.... lovely little birds.
  6. I was always worried about my Blue and Gold Macaw when he was outside in the flight as he was SOOOOO noisey (RIP Willow). I once heard one of the neighbours say "that bl*ody bird" which concerned me as I never put him out before 10.30am in a morning and never left him out aft 7pm as aware of children going to bed. However this neighbour was more of a pain as has regular parties until early hours playing music in the garden... so of course Willow use to be put outside on the morning after at 8.30am (I know mean but it is well deserved). When I recently lost my african grey and knocked on all the neighbours doors asking them to keep their eyes peeled for sightings (pippin now found and returned), nearly everyone of them said how sad they were as loved hearing the parrots shouting!! So providing you are aware of your neighbours and monitor the situation I wouldnt be too worried. I just wish now I left willow out longer when having a shouting episode as didnt realise the neighbours were not bothered.
  7. Hi there I took in a blue crowned conure and despite his size was the noisest bird ever and had hourly shouting competitions with my blue and gold macaw and eventually he had to go and live with my sister who didnt have any other birds and he still shouts. One of the nicest "little" birds I have owned was a myers parrot called Toby which looks very similar to a senegal... he was not noisey and very loving and had a cheeky little character so i would have to be bias and say a myers parrot, although I have been very taken in the past with a hawkhead parrot as very beautiful but expensive! Good luck and let me know what you decide.
  8. Hi everyone I noticed this week that Wilbury my green winged macaw has a horrible looking beak as it looks cracked and peeling. I dont suspect its a vitamin or calcium deficiency as he is fed the best complete food money can buy (whereas I live on beans ). This is the first time it has happened in the 4 years I have owned him (from 6 months old) and wondered if hs is normal. He seems happy enough, lovely feather condition, still has a slight attitude towards me but he wouldnt be wilbury if he didnt!! He has plenty of wooden blocks and leather toys in his cage to help with his beak and gets lots of extra fruit, veggies, nuts etc so hopefully nothing serious. Thanks Sam
  9. Pippin has made it into another article... this is the paper where i advertised her as lost (main paper for Hull) and where somone spotted my advert and called to say found... power of advertising does work - never give up hope http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/news/Lost-parrot-advert-plea/article-2641942-detail/article.html
  10. Hi Fahad I lost my grey and was devastated but she was found 4 days later.... I cannot stress enough the power of advertising... join as many sites as you can, advertise in your local papers, put posters up in the vicinity of where he disappeared and then go to the nearest town 3 miles in either direction as mine found 3 miles away, contact all your vets... cover every option and most importantly do not give up hope... there are lots of happy endings. Good luck and we will be thnking of you.
  11. Dear All - Pippin has made it on the Kelsey Gardens website where she was found... super photograph of her. here is the link... although they dont exactly know what species she is !! http://kelseygardens.blogspot.com/2010/08/exotic-female-flies-into-kelsey-gardens.html
  12. i had the same problem with one of ours and changed to harrisons diet too, she hated it at first but be consistent as eventually she did start to eat it and is super healthy now... however you need to do a check list to make sure nothing else, have you changed the location of his cage or put in different toys?? parrots dont like change and can sometimes get stressed, have you recently put on your central heating, could be too warm and making him drop feathers, is he bored and you just havent spotted him tugging at his feathers. Parrots will naturally drop a few feathers but if a lot then something going on, best to also go to the vet or a decent pet store and treat him for mites.. parrots also pick up on our stress vibes so try not to appear worried and concentrate on eliminating all possibilities. Let me know how you get on.
  13. Pippin has settled back home completely back into her normal routine and is completely unfazed by her little adventure. The local paper are running an article about her little adventure and coming to take a photo of her as this paper is our local paper and its a way of getting the word out there that she has been found and also give hope for anyone else who may lose their parrot as will be obviously giving all the details of what I did to try and find her. Still cant believe she is back... so pleased
  14. thanks to all.... she is completely chilled by it all and really acting as though never been away and thrown a teenager hissy fit already lol. I have contacted everyone who has contacted me on believed sightings so know the outcome and I am going on Saturday to meet all the members of the canoeing club who originally spotted her.. so nice to put faces to the calls and text messages received. Going to ask our local newspaper to run an article on her (hopefully they will) as completely brought a whole community together which is great to see and even people in the village have said how nice it was for people to come together to help... really grateful
  15. yes Pippin is back home safe and sound and doesnt really seem to understand the chaos caused... been round the village tonight delivery gifts to everyone who help and giving sweets to the children as lost for words the effort everyone has made in trying to find her, I can honestly say it has brought the whole village together. Pippin will be making the front cover of the canoe club magazine where she was found so will provide link to view when published. Not sure about clipping as lost a macaw from falling badly due to clipped wings and he broke his neck... however.... as this has happened it has obviously made me super aware !! Will not happen again.. Thanks to all for your kind words. xx
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