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  1. get a glass shade that slants downwards so your bird cant get a grip on it, and will just slip off. and for the wire, I used one of the plastic perches that come with cockatiel cages. They are hollow, so will slip over your cable.
  2. I would love to see some videos of this little guy. He sounds amazing
  3. I made the mistake of over cleaning mine, and all the branches just split when they dried. but I did put boiling water over them, so maybe it was this that made the branches split. I then discovered F10C. it is great for cleaning branches etc... and even the cages. I get mine from northern parrots. this will kill any harmful things that may be on your branches. just give your branches a wash, (no bleach needed) then wash in the F10c and leave it on for a while. rinse well, and leave to dry.
  4. so glad your bird is OK. these huts are very dangerous, here is a link on some warnings about the huts.http://parrottoymaster.co.uk/happyhut.aspx (you may have to copy paste it in your browser) not sure how to do links on here. at the bottom of the page on this link, there is a link to a page about the chube which has been mentioned. this page tells you where to buy them from, and it has some really nice pictures of birds in the chubes. My birds have the chubes and they love them.
  5. really sorry, but I dont understand what you have just put. I can understand not letting a person advertise if they have not paid. but you say that members can recommend who they like, which should be the case, as this is what forums are all about. I listen to peoples recommendations, and have discovered lots of sites because of this information. as this is how I found the site we are talking about. So how can people be free to recommend this site, if when they do, the name gets bleeped out. so this means, ( as I read it) members cant recommend who they want. sorry If I have missed something, but that's how I see things
  6. I dont know whos sites terms you are reading, but these are the terms on this site, and I actually think they explain more about our rights as a buyer than any other site. and I note they say, they will not re sell items due to avain health reasons, I dont see anyone else doing this.
  7. well now I dont know what to think. May be I need to look into it more. I still wont be risking using any of the woods on the danger list though. best to be safe than sorry.
  8. I shop with this company, and I have never had a problem, I have always had excellent service. what do you mean they dont follow on line laws??. I have checked their terms and conditions, and they are actually giving more information than most on line stores about your rights as a buyer. I think it unfair to pull down a good business, unless you have good reason. where is this information you say you found, maybe the company should know about this.
  9. I think my two get more fun out of slinging the nuts and bolts under the sofa, units, etc.... so I have to hunt for them.
  10. I have a couple of these, but I bought them online. I must say they really have kept both parrots and me busy.
  11. Hi I am new I find this statement very hard to beleive, do you have any evidance to back up your claims. If this is true, then I have spent many wasted hours checking what branches are safe to give my birds. This is the first time I have heard someone claim all trees are safe, and goes against all the information I have read on many forums, and websites.
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