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  1. Spotted this evening in my garden, Speke Liverpool. Came down for food but not tame and flew off before I could catch it. Seems to have been outside a while as it's nails are overgrown etc
  2. Oh don't you believe it; they talk! Where parrots are taught to use words (of whatever language) *in context* they will use them in context. I've had client's birds' repeat the 'Step up' request, demanding to be let out of their cages. Often, the people find this merely 'amusing' but that is to miss the point, and fail to understand the bird's abilities to match cause, with effect/event. In many cases, the birds are vocalising these words because they *know* full well what they mean! However, yes, where parrots are 'taught' merely to mimic, without functional consequences of the language, its purpose is limited. I'm not really into getting parrots to merely mimic; it seems demeaning in a way, considereng their intelligence. I know parrots can be trained to use the words in context, Holly actually started recently saying the step up command, which I thought was strange, but it seems she wants to be held! I just meant that they don't "talk" the way we do. I haven't managed to have a meaningful conversation with her yet lol
  3. I wasn't "on a soap box" or being patronising. Merely stating the facts. If you felt the statement about not having 1 was patronising, I apologise. It wasn't meant that way. I know what you mean about neighbours, but without knowing your living arrangements, it's impossible to know how much they actually hear? I have 2 ringnecks and a CAG and have asked my neighbours, NONE of them even knew I had birds till they saw them (we live in a semi-detached buungalow, where our living room is on the unattached side).
  4. The desensitising thing, my Dad has TONS of allergies, and one of them was cats. My Mother brought 3 home 1 day and now he is fine with them! So hopefully.....
  5. I'm almost positive I spoke to my Parents and it conveniently went away every time we lost a budgie as a kid lol. I'm not worried, I manage fine, just going to need the antihistamines. Has been worse lately, but I don't think is the pollen count, as I still suffered most of last year, just not as bad. I put that down to the fact we have 3 birds now, not 1. I have no intention of getting rid, my pets are for life I did at first think it was pollen, but when we sit and work it out, it is most likely the birds, but hey ho, things happen. I love them, so they stay, I will just ensure I clean more and look after my eyes
  6. Been having eye trouble lately, so eventually went to the Docs yesterday. My eyes get red/itchy in the evenings, and sometimes so bad that I can't keep them open. I had chronic allergic conjunctivitis as a kid, but it went away. Well, put 2+2 together, we had budgies when I was a kid.....Yes, I am allergic to bird dust lol!
  7. Parrots don't "talk". They mimic. If they do it too much, maybe you shouldn't have one? Holly copies ANYTHING she likes. We put up with it. I exppected when I got her that if I burped loudly (I do) she would copy. Holly burps and farts all the time. She also mimics the phone, telly, dog, other parrots etc. She is welcome to do this whenever she pleases
  8. I just received an email back from the previous owner. She claims that when she went on holiday (18 months ago) her aged, disabled brother in law looked after Holly. She says, he had a grey too (never mentioned that before) and that he told her they "hadn't got on" and that as he couldn't handle them (scared :S; why would you have one??) he got them to step onto newspapers and put them back into their cages in a hurry and didn't let them out again. She also said, all that she can think of is that she was attacked by his grey. I would like to believe them, as they seemed nice when I met them and I like to see the best in people, but Jade says she doesn't believe a word. How likely is it that an experienced vet could mistake a bird attack for a bad wing clip? I think I know the answer, but am asking anyway...
  9. Oh, hopefully you are right then, and it won;t break the bank lol! If it does, is tough, she needs seen to, I can't leave her like this. Be nice if it's cheaper than I'm expecting....
  10. Oh good Let's hope then! If you don't mind me asking Marion, do you have any idea of the cost? It doesn't matter, it's just we are on benefits (Jade has spina bifida, I'm her carer, we not bums ) so we will have to save quite a lot of our money for the next few weeks...
  11. I am not certain, but I would imagine she should get some if her blood feathers manage to grow, once she has the folicles "emptied". Although, (someone correct me if I am wrong, still learning) I think permanent damage can be caused because of the way it has been done and the fact she needs them pulled.
  12. Apparently still has 0.3% THC, but I imagine at that level you would need to smoke a binbag full to get stoned lol
  13. I spoke to the breeder AND emailed the previous owner. The breeder was disgusted, but thanked me for letting her know how Holly is and says she hopes everything goes well. The email I sent is as follows (Sorry for the lack of paragraphs, I put them in after proof reading lol) Hello D....., I am having to email as my phone is broken. Before I start I would just say, I am neither for, or against wing clipping, when it is done under the correct circumstances and done properly. After a few days of having Holly at home, I had a closer look at her wing out of curiosity and it did look to me as though she had been clipped, albeit a bit further back than usual, but she seems happy enough. However, last week, Holly crash landed when she got a fright and lost a blood feather, which worried me a bit, so, in case it happens again, I took her to an avian vet. According to him, the reason she does not fly is someone has HACKED her wing back in an attempt at clipping. Now, I remember you said you "came back from holiday and she had stopped flying". At the time, I had no reason to disbelieve you. Still now, I would like to think that, as you said you loved her so much, you did not do this yourself. However, as you are the only person who has owned her, and it took me a only a couple of days to realise she had been clipped, I am inclined to believe that you must either be very naive or, you knew that this had been done. Now, I know it is not against the law to clip birds. I also know some people have their reasons for clipping them. (I haven't had mine clipped, I prefer them to fly, but I know people who do and their birds are happy.) However, as I said, Holly has had ONE wing, HACKED right back. Not only does this mean she cannot fly, she also cannot balance. And on top of that, because ALL of her primary feathers have been cut, when a new one grows, it seems to be getting damaged. (nothing around it to protect it). She also has signs of previous damage to her wing itself (flesh), due to crash landing because she wants to fly but cannot balance. It isn't about the money, as I don't expect that now she is gone, you wish to have any further expense, although I am quite annoyed it is probably going to cost me a lot. It is more about finding out WHO clipped her and whether you actually knew when it was done and for what reasons she was clipped?! And, if you did know, then why did you say otherwise? Was it because you thought people wouldn't agree with wing clips? Or was it that you knew it was done wrong? Just so you know what I mean about expense, in 2 weeks time, Holly will be put on painkillers for 2 days. Then, she will be put under anaesthetic and the damaged feathers pulled from the folicles, in the hope that it will encourage the new ones to grow quicker. Then, she will be on painkillers afterwards, probably for another week. Also, just to find out exactly what was wrong, cost me £50 in the first place... the £50 you knocked off gone then... I would appreciate a reply, although if I do not receive one I will not push, I only have Holly's interests at heart, if whoever did it isn't willing to own up, then fine, at least I can say I had her sorted out eventually. Hopefully there is no permanent damage done anyway. Paul
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