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  1. ere minty full of whistles and at end he says ello ducky can i help summet he musta got from petshop u ear it better with earphone on lol http://s645.photobucket.com/albums/uu179/pinkypop2009/?action=view&current=Video0078.mp4
  2. it has a wood pearch that holds it together and it closes no prob as i checked it in end minty didnt come out only left it open for 10 mins and closed it as didnt wanna push him will try again in few days but a diff door as cage got 3 doors on lol
  3. lol how did u get frostie to dance
  4. omg this 1st time now hes settled in past few days gonna see how he goes
  5. well as minty can already but not clearly say whats up and hello what other words will be easy for him to learn as i wanna start off with easy words 1st for now
  6. well with minty coming from a petshop i dout he was covered up but the shop shut at 5pm and im guessing it would be in darkness after all shutters was put down mintys 1st night i didnt bother covering him up but last night he seemed a be nervey and he plucked odd feathers out so i quickly put a towel over to block out the living room lights and he settled quickly do i keep covering him up now i just dont know
  7. now mintys settling in what best toys to get him or is there anything home made i can make him for the mean while as i dont want him gettin bored
  8. i wanna teach him both he does sit on ur hand as petshop man did what scares me is what if he starts pluckin his feathers he was cleanin him self earlier and a feather came out and i thought omg i hope he not gettin stressed n startin to pluck already
  9. only had him today but yea u can stroke him he put his head down for u to scratch it too
  10. oh godddd not my daughter cryin please lol will be gaggin my daughter more now lol
  11. well i got 5 month old minty today he already can say hello and whats up as he got teached em in pet shop but when do u think i can start teaching him other words he can half do wolf whistle too lol ( hope he dont copy my baby cryin lol)
  12. im gettin my grey in morning and its now 21.29pm (uk time) i sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cant wait lol im like a liccle kids at christmas lol btw im callin her kia after my m8 julia's parrot (just hope shes a shes and not a he or im stuck lol)
  13. hiya buddy hun hows u yea they all sound lovely ppl on ere and its prob gonna be a place i'll be alot with my grey comes home woohoo
  14. cant wait to get it ive been visting him/she loads in pet shop been stroking it head and saying ello im so looking forward to bring her/him home and advice will be help full for anyone PS im a newbie ere so plz be gentle
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