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  1. Hurrah,Princetaz you have made my day! and thanks everybody and especially princetaz! Thats the one, I have just purchased 3 and you have all made an old man very happy and his 5 cockateils too Daisy-may, candy, Oddie, Beauty and Bruce they will soon have something yum to get their beaks into!
  2. They take two holidays one in swanage and one in paignton they dont have a car so its public transport but they do go around Bournmouth,Poole and as far out as Sailsbury and then the other one is Exeter and plymouth and lyme regis and all round that area?They go to so many places and visit so many shops, He cant remember exactly where he bought it from but it must have been a pet shop because he likes to treat his birds to something different.
  3. Ha ha,Thats funny because he is going back to the same place, but not till june! and if he does manage to find it he better come back with more than one!
  4. Hi, Not quite i have just described it for rubytoo, im going to see if i can get a photo of whats left of it! That might help? fingers crossed he hasnt already thrown it away.
  5. Hi rubytoo The swing is designed from 3 pieces of wooden dowelling 1 across the bottom about 4-5" long and 2 slightly narrower abouth the same length for the sides these have 2 hooks in the top to enable you to hang from the inside top of the cage it looked a bit like this I_I the whole of the swing was then covered in about 1/2" of a seed mix, it wasnt sticky or soft either it was quite a firm mix. There is no extra bits, no leather or anything just a plain wooden swing covered in seed. The birds love to use their beaks and have munched through numerous plain wooden swings before and my dad bought this one to see if it would last a bit longer.He cant remember exactly where or what shop he bought it from he just came back from his holiday with it. They must be out there somewhere??
  6. Can anyone help me find a bird swing that is made of or covered in seeds that is suitable for a cockatiel ? My dad bought one last year from his holiday down south and the birds love it and we are looking for a replacement now but up to yet had no luck. Any help is much appreciated Thanks
  7. I am loving this happy ending too,Its wonderful and i quote my friend when she says it has totally restored her faith in the kindness of strangers.Barney is settling in back at home really well, he has filled his belly and had a long sleep. I am two halfs as to if he should go to the vets or not because even though he seems ok and looks ok i think he should be checked out but after the stress of his recent escape? Is there a protocol for when you get them back? I am Mum to 3 green cheeked conures Charlie who is 14 and Stanley and Ollie who are are brother and sister and are 9. I also have an aviary for my 15 cockateils this number keeps going up so next years project is a new bigger aviary. Some I bought years ago, some i have rescued and some i have bred and hand reared.I also have 2 dogs and 3 fish in a small pond. And I look after Barney when my friend goes on holiday. I am his second mum so its such a relief to have found him safe and sound.
  8. Great News everyone Barney has been found safe and well and is back home.Its thanks to the lady who spotted him in her garden,then posted something on the web.Which John Hayward from the National lost and found register spotted straight away and got in touch with Barneys owners.They rushed round and he went straight to her..such an Happy ending! I cant thank every one enough for the kind words and support. It has really helped me stay strong and focused.So Im letting everyone know the good news, I might even have time to tell you about my brood soon! Thank you All X x
  9. Thank you all for the kind words and advice it is very much appreciated.Its been so nice to read all the happy endings too, It kind of gives you hope.It just feels like a waiting game now. I will keep you all posted on progress.
  10. Thank you, I think i spoke to him yesterday but because im not the owner of Barney i didnt have all the info he needed, but her husband has spoke to him today.Do you know how long it takes before it shows up on the register, Is it when payment is recieved? This is a very good site too, its got some really good links for information and such. I think im going to be up late again.
  11. Hello everyone, Im posting this for a dear friend who very sadly witnessed her beloved pet Barney escape on Thurs 5th August in the Attenborough area of Nottingham. Barney is a yellow crowned Amazon who has been the biggest part of her life for the past 8 years.There has been a sighting of him this morning which has been a slight relief but unfortunately he found his wings and took to the sky again. There is a reward for his safe return and a contact for info is 07710 462 914. My friend is at her wits end so im trying to get the word out to as many places as i can. Any help as to what to do next, I have tried to cover all bases but my head is in such a spin too. heres hoping that my next post will be under better circumstances. Thanks for reading....
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