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  1. I have a 3 yr old female grey called Molly - who is a total softy and loves affection etc. I am at work all day and get her out every eve and she is very good with the family etc. We have inherited a male 7 1.2 yr old from a lady who's house burnt down - he is fine as was not there at the time and we are hoping to bond the pair as company - I do not want to rear babies so its not a financial thing. He has been a ladies parrot and really does not like me! He will allow hand feeding and will only allow small amounts of stroking but will bite almost immediately. I have been trying to build up trust over the past 6 months with no visible progress. I am not giving up and I feel the pair will benefit each other. They sit in cages next to each other and he shows off to her and she is not affected by him. I am concerned about the ways to introduce whilst I am still not fully confident with him, my concern is both birds and I want to do what is right for both!! How do I build up the trust with him, if paired up I know I will lose the close bond I have but I want both birds to be happy and content, more than my selfish kisses and cuddles etc. Can anyone advise me of the best way forward. Both birds have large cages big enough for 2 as I felt that greys need space. Anyway sorry for the long post! Hope to get some great advice from you folks soon Peter
  2. There was a few last time i posted here! just wanted to say hi to fellow slither lovers! At present I have 1.0 motley boas 2.0 sunglow boas 1.0 striped super hypo boa 0.1 salmon DH ghost 1.1 pastel boas DH snow 2.0 albino boas 0.2 albino arabesque boas 0.1 pastel boa 0.4 normal boas (6ft - 9.5ft) 1.0 salmon hypo anyone else got anything?? Peter
  3. thanks for the very quick reply!! thats what I am doing its just taking a while! Even though she's a girl she sits on my shoulder and says "who's a good booooooooy!!" so I will use a phrase she knows to speed up the recognition or is it easier to establish a new word?! Peter
  4. I did post a while ago regarding a rescue grey I adopted! she is doing well, we moved her due to decorating and we had a bit of a neck plucking incident. We are getting the feathers back, slow but sure! She is soppy tame and the whole family can do anything with her but if I leave the room she shrieks liek a banshee now. What do you recommend as the best way to wean her out of this! Wife is now getting very very annoyed and I feel she may have had enough soon! This poor bird is very well adjusted considering what she has been through and I do not want to have to move her on as she is gorgeous! Its obviously a form of separation anxiety i do speak to her from the other room but its a visual cue she appears to need!? Any help you can offer I will be very very grateful!! Thanks a lot Peter
  5. not tried yet, we are still learning to trust but will try later! will do a trade for a grape etc!! LOL
  6. Well, quick update on my new house mate, now called "Molly" (my 3 yr olds choice!!) loves grapes, carrots, beans, mange tout, apple and kiwi. Still not a fan of the seed mix, but does like sweetcorn! Oh well its a start, he/she is becoming more vocal though for a parrot she is very quiet, we get melodic whistles, and what I assume is the sound of a fire alarm with a low battery every 10 minutes or so!! Well here is a couple of pics hope molly looks fairly well to you, I have a vets appointment booked for tomorrow if I can get the time off work , otherwise its Thursday afternoon. Thanks for looking Peter
  7. ok we have worked out that this bird has prob been on a human food diet. We sat down to eat and the AG started scratching the cage as if it wanted food. I tried to offer it fruiot, veg and seed mix to no avail, I showed it a chip and it went head bobbing etc and as soon as I put it near the cage it ran across took it and ate it!! Obviously this is not the best diet (really?) what are the best methods to wean it onto a better diet?
  8. wow thanks guys wil read all asap! he/she is not hand shy but I will put a water and food bowl on the bottom as well! What sort of toys or distraction things shall i put on the bottom for him/her to play, destroy etc!?!
  9. As you know I was getting a parrot - well I had one dumped on me last night. I was putting kids to bed, door bell goes, I get downstairs to find a box on my step! Inside is a youngish AG (pics to follow!). he/she has been plucking and its growing back I think, it also appears to have been clipped in the past, as it tries to fly but can't very well. Climbs onto your hand ok, sits on shoulder very well too, just hates to go into a cage. It spent all last night on the floor of the cage. I have tried feeding fruit and parrot mix but was not interested which is fair!! Could it have been a perch bird rather than a cage bird and not used to a cage?? Any help would be greatfully received!! Peter
  10. ok well they hand feed fine the female is far better with me than the male. understandable really!! lol Also I now have this one as well now I also do not know the sex of this one but I am very tempted to say male as he speaks to my wife and yet does not me and if I hand feed him a grape he takes it and throws it while he eats em if my wife does!! anyway here "he" is! here is the double headed amazon!! Thanks for looking Peter
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