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  1. Just a quick note to say that if medication is not working for you at this point in time it might be worth considering psychological therapy. If you ask your GP about this he is likely to offer you cognitive behavioral therapy from a psychotherapist or clinical psychologist. It might be worth investigating this as for many people psychological therapy can be just (if not more so)as effective as medication. Keep in mind the waiting lists for therapy in some parts of the UK are long, so the sooner you have a chat to your GP about it the sooner he/she can refer you. Hope that's of some help. If you need any further information regarding further support outside of the NHS that is available the charity Mind has a website that is very good http://www.mind.org.uk
  2. Ok, after about 12-18 months of research and deep thought and consideration I've finally decided that yes - I'm going to get a parrot. However I've read so much conflicting information about hand reared birds that my gut suggests to go for a parent reared bird. However having said that it seems a lot of breeders wont sell a parent reared bird as a pet. I was wondering if anyone knows of any breeders that breed any of the species listed below (yes I know they're very different species) as shared parent/hand reared? I'm based in Nottingham although willing to travel a fair distance for the right breeder/bird. The species I'm interested in are: Blue headed pionus Timneh Eclectus Illigers or Severe Macaw Galah Jardine Thanks, Tom.
  3. If it's through the RSPCA could you not contact them and explain your concerns and arrange to pick the birds up for one of their rescue centers? Truth be told if I had a macaw (or any parrot - still trying to decide on species) that was valuable I would be cautious about giving my address out to a complete stranger. Better safe than sorry.
  4. Ok - so has anyone actually got any experience of buying a bird from united parrot breeders???
  5. Thanks David - I will certainly get a receipt. Ideally I'd like to get a bird from Harlequin as he really seems to know his stuff - although he doesn't seem to be breeding any of the birds I'm interested in right now - or will be breeding soon. Are you a breeder David?
  6. Hi everyone, I was just wondered if any one has any experience with the United parrot breeders website - and buying parrots off of them. http://www.unitedparrotbreeders.co.uk/available%20now.html I've e-mailed them a few times and they seem nice and to care for their birds but because of other posts I've been reading here about another website/breeders being complete monsters I'm a little apprehensive about who is good and who is bad now! Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Please don't believe what Skinner has to say about behavior *bangs head against wall* please!
  8. Does anyone know which is the largest type of pionus breed in the uk and that is hand reared? There seems to be a lot of conflicting info on the web about species size and weight. Thanks.
  9. Do you guys know that the Womach's also apparently pretend to be child psychologists as well as avian behavioral consultants. As a REAL psychologist this drives me a little bonkers...please don't believe, nor pay for anything that comes out of this charlatans face.
  10. I have to admit....although I don't entirely agree with Jubileeray's opinion, hybrids are here...and from what I can suss I can't see them going any where any time soon. Now...my understanding of biology is only to degree level so you correct me if I'm wrong, but surely this is intra species breeding as opposed to inter species breeding as hybrids as far as I'm aware are fertile? I understand that people will always want something different, and some of the hybrids I've seen are incredible to look at (jubilee....I have to admit....your bird IS gorgeous!),but then I think to myself...mother nature did a pretty good job herself creating beautiful macaws; the blue and gold, military (my fav), the hyacinth and the huge host of other breeds. Perhaps as long as the 'pure breeds' are still bred to a decent degree, and birds aren't forced into breeding conditions when they are not ready or willing for....there's no harm in it?
  11. Maybe some larger photos of the different species?
  12. No no no no no please keep it! I've learnt loads about all the different sub species etc from your website! It's really well written and easy to navigate across. By the way, did you get my message I sent you a week or so ago?
  13. No idea what you just said So it should be working soon?
  14. No idea if this is in the right section....but does anyone know whats up with the website http://www.harlequinparrots.co.uk ? It's a really handy website but seems to have vanished.
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