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  1. Just a thought, I wonder if birdtrader would let you place an ad asking for contact details for your breeder. Even if he doesn't use birdtrader to advertise, it could be that another local breeder sees the ad and makes contact with you or him. Might be worth a try. Still keeping fingers crossed for some good news for you.
  2. This is the same found bird as the post called Bourke Stafford. I emailed the gentleman who found it and put him in contact with parrotalert after seeing that post.
  3. I have received an email from the guy who has advertised this on bird trader thanking me for the advice and he says he has now registered it with parrotalert and will give John Hayward a call later. He also says he will give it a few days and then if it is unclaimed, he will find it a new home. I do hope the owner reports their loss quickly.
  4. :shock: I have emailed the advertiser privately and urged them to report this properly (giving them the relevant info) and asked them not to rehome it with just anyone. Fingers crossed that they care enough to listen.
  5. So sorry that you haven't had any good news. I am pleased that the weather has been so kind lately. Still keeping fingers crossed for a happy ending for you.
  6. So sorry to hear this - I am in Staffordshire and lost my African Grey lost year after an automatic door closure mechanism failed. I was totally devastated and did everything that I could to find him. However, a few days later, when I was beginning to think that I wouldn't see him again, he flew down into a garden less than half a mile away where there was an aviary. I had put posters up everywhere and so the gentleman called me within half an hour. I had been up at the crack of dawn for several days and had walked all around the local area, calling him and putting up posters. I had also followed up several 'leads' from people - all in different directions within a few miles of me, yet none could have been him as he hadn't ventured very far at all. I know how lucky I am and I will be forever thankful that we have him back. I don't rely on automatic door closures now ... just not worth taking the risk. I do so hope that you find Mittu very soon.
  7. Sorry, can't help with panels but just wanted to say how fantastic your pics are!!! The close up shots are amazing - I just get grey blurs!! They are beautiful and they sure look like they are enjoying the sunshine Julianne
  8. Looks like a great time was had by all What a fantastic idea!! Not sure I would be brave enough to try holidaying (with 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 bullmastiffs and my CAG!!!) but I think it would be fantastic in the garden. I am off to badger my OH now!
  9. Oh such a sad ending but so heart warming to hear that it found you and was very well cared for in its final hours.
  10. I am so very sorry Lesley. What are the chances of two timnehs missing in your area?? I do hope they are both reunited with their owners very soon.
  11. Lesley, I have replied to your email. I will be keeping fingers firmly crossed for you when you call Kev in the morning. Julianne
  12. Hi Kev, I have sent this info to threeladies via her email link in the hope that it might be received more quickly. Have you also informed John Hayward, National Theft Register? If not his contact details are: Tel: 01869 325699 email: jh@ntr.supanet.com. Julianne
  13. Aw, Olly looks lovely and let's hope once he has mastered helicopter and Harrier Jump Jet maneuvers that he can try out some birdie ones
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