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  1. ansar

    f10 antiseptic solution

    june has sent me everything bless her i have started to use it. can aready see inprovements on his leg
  2. ansar

    f10 antiseptic solution

    thanks 4 tht its just the instructions has faded away its me first time in using it thanks again marion u have been a star dont now how 2 thank you.and june in helpin me u
  3. hi every one how much f10 do i need to deliute in pints or litres to a open wound and skin irritasion on a african gray? many thanks
  4. ansar

    aspall cyder viger

    thank u for ur replys
  5. hi can any one shed some light on aspall cyder vinegar what is it is used for ?can i use it on my african gray
  6. hi feebix my african gray had the same problem but went even worse after a while but still is in the state been 2 the vet they cant figure it out what has coursed it even tho all the tests have come back ok he is on antibiotics and pain killers he has got a coller on
  7. ansar

    african gray foot biting

    thank you jooles i will follow torys advice will be going to do that on monday
  8. ansar

    african gray foot biting

    there must be some one out there with some tips on african gray
  9. ansar

    african gray foot biting

    i have applyed aloe vera vasline on his leg just to calm him down from pickin on it as i have been told by friends am i doing the right thing ?or what can i put on him
  10. ansar

    african gray foot biting

    i also have a cat but is treated with front line spot on every 4 weeks on a reg bases
  11. ansar

    african gray foot biting

    thanks for the reply but the thing is that his is pulling his foot feathers out and makin it bleed
  12. hi every 1 just need some advice on african gray foot biting and flickin his feathers can it be fleas?can it be home treated all info will be appricated