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  1. Hi thanks for the reply she has been doing it for about 1 month now but she is not just ripping out feathers she is spending time searching for them there is no flight feathers being pulled out just the white grey front and neck feathers
  2. Hi guys i need help my CAG is only 8 months old and she lookes sooo rough it seams that she is pulling out a few feathers and she looks totaly different than she did she is eating well on varied diet of seed mix fresh fruit *** vitimins in water and seed she is out every day for a min of 6 hours loads of toys 3 play stands and a huge cage the only thin i have not been doing as regular as i should is spray her as she gets realy upset but she does get a soak every other day also the heating has been on through the winter months like i said she is fine in every way but the feather loss which the breeder i got her from said its her big moult any advice on this would be great BTW she is booked in to see a vet next week thanks again guys here is a few pics of her [/img]
  3. ok thanks for the info guys verry interesting to hear the different views like i said you read about the min a bird should be out for but no max and its a good thing i have asked the question lol] thanks again
  4. Yeh i agree as im fairly new to this too but i didnt know if it would cause more problems being out all day supervised or giving her a bit more cage time i know this sounds silly but there is a min but no max
  5. Hi guys i have a 15 week old african grey parrot and was just wondering if there was a maximum for letting your parrot out of the cage for as my lil girl is out for 8 hours a day sometimes more lol sorry to sound bumb but its just when we try and put her to bed she is not wanting to go back in lol she has a 25 foot flight from cage to play gym so she is constantly flying to stretch her wings plenty of toys on her gym and she gets loads of attention all day thanks guys and comment will be great
  6. Hi thanks to you all for your advice and patients but i found out by preveous owners that his was indeed a avary bird which sombody tried to tame down i rehomed him to a good friend of mine who has a huge avary and i went over to his house yesterday and i was amazed just how big his avary was the parrot was getting on so well with the other greys next door it was quite touching to se him like that i was well happy he was finaly back to where he once was my partner and i decided to get a hand reared baby on sunday she is so cute and 14 weeks old both my daughter and partner have taken on the role of mother but she is not to keen on me at the moment lol thanks again guys
  7. Hi guys i have just bought a 14 week old hand reared baby african grey the lady who reared him was i think the sole handler of her we bought her back from the breeder and left her alone for the day it is now 3 days since we bought her home and my partner female has taken the role of mum lol and the grey also loves my daughter as a little girl also helped tame her and rear her the parrot will fly to both of them for attention but not for me i am male i was just wondering if i need to give her more time to adjust to me? the only time she came to me is when i was eating fish and chips last night and that was because she wanted to eat it all lol any tips would be great she did fluff up and growled at me a couple of times but i just stept back and talked to her verry gentle
  8. Thanks guys i think he has been in a cage for a long time but since iv had him iv opened up the top and the sides of the cage for him to come out on his own and he took flight stretched his wings whichj was great to see any ideas on how to get him on a perch to get him out and in to the cage? he hates the perch bites it and moves away from it thanks again guys
  9. good i didnt take him on for the talking part but more interested in taming him he has no hatch certificate or ring just a dna certificate i also dont know if he has ever talked or he just not had the time spent with him but many people have said he wont talk at his age now but i think he will as they are super intwelligent and leardn all the time thanks for your comment
  10. Hi there im new to this forum but i have just been left a grey from a member of my family who i dont see much he is supose to be 12 years old but dont seam to talk at all he whistles and dances etc but no words also he wont be handled but yet he is so gentle when taking food from my hand and will come rite up to my face and finger with no problem but if i go in the cage he sways and fluffs up and occasionly growles just a question could it be possible to teach him to start talking? or is it not possible? also is it too late to train him to be hand tame? any help in this matter would be great thanks again and look forward to speeking to you again
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