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  1. I'm in a similar position to you; looking to get a bird in the near future, love Greys and aside from a Pied Kakariki a friend gave to me many years ago, have not kept Parrots before. I'm still highly considering a Grey (most likely a Timneh), but 9 months of research have opened my mind to the possibility of another species as a next bird as well. So I would say, do the same - don't rule out a Grey, as it's not an impossibility to make things work with a Grey as a first bird, but keep an open mind, meet some species, see what you think, and see if that individual bird comes along that is the right fit for you. If it's of any use to you the other species I am primarily considering are Caiques, Jardine's, Capes and Pionus. I would also recommend, if you do go for a Grey (or any other species if a possibility), that you consider a re-home. I hope to re-home any bird I get (of if not a possibility to get preferably a parent-reared bird from a very reputable breeder). However, there are just so many Greys needing new homes, and with a slightly older re-home it is likely you would be able to get a better feel for how the individual bird would fit with you. Anyway, I wish you luck. I'm no expert but thought I'd share some of the opinions and knowledge I've gained from my research in case it's of any help. Hope you find the bird for you, and you sound like you will be an excellent bird person, whichever species you end up with .
  2. Thankyou for the replies. I might make a day trip of it to Tropical Birdland in the next few weeks as we're not far from Leicester! I would actually love to volunteer at a rescue on an ongoing basis, if anyone knows of any in the South Lincolnshire area. I tried the A1 parrot rescue but got no reply. And yep, still researching - trying to be as much a part of the parrot-owning (or owned) community as possible to learn all I can, and live vicariously through those who currently have parrots until the long-awaited day I can actually bring mine home. There's always more to learn, and I hope to have a small flock in the future so am researching a variety of species
  3. Was just wondering if anyone could suggest places/ways I could go about meeting some Parrots 'in person' so to speak. I have seen a lot of Parrots firsthand but have had very limited opportunity to have in-depth interaction, including with some of the species I am most interested in and hope to give a home to in the future. I feel this is the something that is greatly lacking in my research - forums are great but I feel meeting species in person will give me a much better idea of which to consider as my next bird, and as potential additions to the flock later on (even if characteristics vary from one individual to the next) - any suggestions?
  4. Ok Mike, thankyou for the info! Just out of interest why might it be difficult in a few years? Sorry if that's a completely ignorant question - I'm pretty new to the world of parrots. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders of Painted Conures or an up to date directory of breeders?
  5. Would anyone be able to let me know if there are many breeders of Painted Conures in the UK, and if they are at all available as companion birds. Pretty interested in the species but have had trouble determining how popular/common they are over here. Thankyou Philippa
  6. Just stumbled across this topic. I fell in love with Cockatoos, and planned to bring one home after uni/travelling were done with and I had my own place. Since starting to research I have progressed from wanting to buy a baby 'too with a pipe dream of breeding myself in the future, to wanting to take in a rescue/re-home 'too, and now I have decided that I'm going to bring home a different species (Grey/Eclectus/Pi) as my next bird and leave a rescue/re-home 'too (or large Macaw) until later down the line (own house, plenty of time, aviary etc). I'm 100% of the opinion now that the majority of 'toos (if any) should not be in the pet trade, particularly not in the vast quantities they are now. Even if they make a wonderful companion bird for some - the joy of the amount of positive relationships that exist between 'toos and their guardians can't be worth the suffering of the 'toos out there that land in unsuitable homes. I really think if they continue to be bred (which of course they will) there should be regulations for keeping them, and strict limits on the numbers bred. Actually I think a similar thing about all animals - it's a shame anyone can get their hands on pretty much any species they desire regardless of whether they can provide a suitable home. Unfortunately, with 'toos it seems there are even fewer people able to provide a suitable home than almost any other type of 'pet.' Thankyou for posting this topic. I think it's something all prospective 'too owners need to read.
  7. We have plenty of time to look around for a rental place, and seems pet-friendly rentals aren't too uncommon around here so I'm just planning on being honest with the landlord right from the start about wanting to keep a parrot/parrots and progress from there. We basically have to go for a pet-friendly rental anyway, as I have a rabbit, african pygmy hedgehog and a small fish tank - plus, I can't say I'd want to live anywhere pets weren't welcome. You sound like you have a great landlord Calley. I've been thinking of the U2 or B&G Macaw I want to bring home one day more as a bird for when we own our own place - slightly less easy for the neighbours to have us booted out the house if they complain that way haha, but if you have the right rental situation then why not Your Macaw is gorgeous!
  8. Thanks for the additional replies! Good to know that perhaps I'm not crazy for thinking of keeping a 'too or Macaw in the future without owning a house in the middle of a field Or maybe I am, but seems like there are ways to make it work. We're looking to rent a house for the time until we can buy, so I'm hoping everything will be just fine noise-wise with the Grey we hope to get next year. Although now I've said that we'll probably end up with one who's learned to scream like a Moluccan 'too haha. We're looking to bring home an older bird so hopefully we'll be able to spend some time beforehand getting to know his/her personality, and whether he/she would be a good fit for us (and us for him/her of course). Not sure I would risk a Grey in an apartment - mainly because I'd just be overly anxious, because I'm like that. But I know there are lots of people out there who do keep their Greys in apartments and get on just fine.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone. It really won't be for a while yet, not for a good few years at least as we do want to buy a property before considering a large parrot and want plenty of time to establish a strong bond with our future Grey before we add another to the flock, but this has me wondering. I think when we do buy a house we'd prefer a detached property but it's highly unlikely it would be one surrounded by lots of land and few neighbours unless we're very lucky. The type of birds we have been considering in the long run are the large 'toos, or perhaps a Macaw - I'm completely in love with B&G Macaws so would be thrilled to be able to give one a home someday.
  10. I'm curious. What kind of homes do you UK people with large parrots (Macaws/Large Cockatoos) live in? This is a way off in the future, but once my boyfriend and I own our own house we hope to give a home to a large parrot. We plan to bring home a TAG/CAG once we are renting our own place - obviously CAGs and TAGs can be loud, as can all birds, but the large parrots can be something else! Noise doesn't bother me, or, well, I could cope with it - but I'm really just curious as obviously there are many people in the UK with these large birds, and the housing situation isn't quite the same as the US - as in far more semi-detached/terraced properties and far less detached properties surrounded by lots of land. Just how far does the noise carry, and how much can the neighbours hear? And, as long as the noise is in daylight hours do you find it to be a massive issue? Thanks for any feedback
  11. Oh I see! Is there another name by which that sub-species can also be known?
  12. Thankyou David and Darren Sorry David I'm not sure what you meant when you referred to the Congo Grey as being inaccurately described? But aside from that thankyou for the advice. I will definitely have a look at the parrotcare forum when I am in a position to adopt .
  13. Just a quick query. How common is the Timneh Grey in the UK? I've been searching some classifieds as I am very interested in the species and am looking to bring home a new parrot in the new year. There do appear to be some, but nowhere near as common as the Congos. More interested in a re-home or rescue bird than a baby. Do you think a Timneh will be hard to find? Thankyou! Philippa
  14. Ahahaha I'm sure that is probably what will happen! With this early research and planning I tend to over-analyze everything. When it comes to bringing home a bird, it's such a life-changing thing I think I'll have to just go with it and adapt once we have mr/mrs birdy. I'm feeling fairly confident a grey or an Ekkie could be a nice fit for us (generally speaking). No doubt I'll go prancing home with a M2 lol!
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