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  1. Going through loads of crap at the moment. Long story.... My dog went missing, presumed stolen last month. Followed all correct proceedure informing authorities etc. Dog was found, people say they bought him. Police unable to do anything as I didnt get him microchipped (my biggest regret ever) Since found out people who have him have been prosecuted for illegally docking tails of Jack Russells and are well known for 'handling' dogs etc. Contact RSPCA, just get told its being passed on to inspector but dont get my hopes up as if 2 people live in the house and only one was prosectuted then the other can still keep dogs. I feel let down by everyone at the minute.
  2. I havent spoken to anyone in Parrotcare for a long time, so am unaware as to what birds June had with her when she moved from Wales. But I think I met Dino on a number of occasions, though not with June, she was taken in by Marion and Lynne, who fell in love with her. Dino was renamed Didi I think and was loved and very much spoiled, as far as I am aware she still is and did not go with June.
  3. As far as I am aware where paperwork was signed it was stated that once handed over the bird became sole property of Parrotcare (June Edwards) and when a bird was fostered/rehomed that bird always belonged to Parrotcare with June Edwards in brackets next to it (from what I can remember) I only ever saw paperwork for a handful of birds and I know that paperwork was never top priority and paperwork was never signed for most birds handed into or rehomed by Parrotcare. I know trying to get Paperwork in order was top priority for a number of people trying to help and get things more organised at the time,. Volunteers spent hours writing up and designing paperwork, contracts and welcome packs though they were rarely used.
  4. Poppy has been found! I can't quite believe it, but her owner phoned me first thing this morning, absolutely over the moon. She says she was found on a windowsill, in the Colcot area where she was lost 6 months ago! So she didn't go far. She said she is very quiet, tatty and thin, but seems ok, its amazing she survived all the cold weather out there on her own. I am going to visit her later this morning!
  5. Its just awful. How come they are still allowed to sell these things?! Grr. They are STILL on ebay! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CHROME-PLATED-LEG-CHAIN-PARROTS-3-FOOT-LONG-36-INCHES-/190603600484?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Birds&hash=item2c60dc2264#ht_500wt_1287
  6. Hello I am an ACO for Parrotcare and am mainly found on the Parrotcare sister site, but Marion said to come on and look at your post! Yep I have a female rescue eclectus, who is approx 10 years old. She laid eggs for the first time last christmas and has just started again now. Last year we had 3 clutches one after the other. Bonnie started laying about a week ago, she laid 2 eggs that broke which upset her, so I have given her a box as I was worried she would continue to lay until she got what she wanted! She is now happily in her box so I expect her to stay there now until Christmas ish! lol. Yes I agree with David, I would leave the box as removing it will only encourage her to lay more, which could eventually affect her health. (however you say that she is sleeping in a seperate cage? How does she react to leaving the egg?) I would also give her extra calcium, some recommended ones are Zolcal D or Calcivet, which are both available online.
  7. Poor Baby. I was looking through eBay a few weeks ago for Parrot stuff as you do, and came accross an auction for Parrot leg chains. I couldn't believe it. Unfortunately 6 people had already bought them!
  8. Hello Welcome to the forum! I am in Barry, South Wales, where abouts are you? I also have Asthma but its well controlled with medication. I also share my life with 5 african greys! I find they don't affect me either, though I do have a good air purifier in their room which really helps with the dust, along with daily sprays and cleaning. But thats not to say they won't affect your son. I can't offer any advice regarding Quakers, but I do love greys. I can't imagine my life without them!
  9. In the trees and fields near Merthyr Dyfan and Church behind the Colcot, but that was a few days ago and no signs since.
  10. Hello This little girl is still missing. She has been sighted a few times, but not since the weekend. She is tame yes, but only a baby and probably terrified, the owners have only had her 6 weeks.
  11. LOL Yes, just round the corner they filmed Gavin and Stacey. It was a pain when the blocked off roads etc trying to get the kids to school! Fun to watch though, that programme does make me laugh! Shame they didnt do another series! Yes in and out that petshop quite often, they had greys and an ammie in there a while back. They had a male and female eccie in there for a while too, they sold the male though and the female is on its own, lovely bird, my daughter loves visiting her. Well just spoken with the owner of the African Grey again and apparently the grey is back in a tree sort of near their house but they can't get her down. (the same tree the fire brigade tried to get her from last night when she flew off again!) So they are going back there at the crack of dawn with food and her stand etc. She went yesterday morning I believe, so she is bound to be tired and hungry by now. Fingers crossed for her safe return!
  12. LOL Not too far away I'm in High St. Is TJs the one thats in Regent Street now? Pets R Us or something? I've just been driving round looking again in the area she was lost. The house she went from is opposite lots of fields, bushes and trees. No signs.
  13. Yes it's the top road. Where abouts in Barry are you? Yes I have phoned the Hawking Centre, left contact details there just in case someone called there. I've phoned the pet shops, all the vets in the area and the avian vet (Mark Evans) in Cardiff and left my number and details in case she is handed in or they have any information. Registered her on Parrot Alert too.
  14. Thanks Bakewell. She flew away from just off Winston Road on Coleridge Crescent in the Colcot area, and was in the fields in a tree near by. They had the fire brigade out trying to get her from a tree last night with no success, think this scared her and she flew off towards Port Road area. I was only told about it this morning. I've let everyone I could think of know, and we won't give up. I will let you know if there is anything you can do. Will speak to the owner again shortly. Thank you!
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