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  1. I need a bit of advice please. Nutnut my 12 year old hahns cock and his mate Peggy 08 ringed live in separate cages. They spend many hours a day outside the cages together. Recently Nutnut has started looking for nesting sites around the house. He is a feather plucker and I've noticed that in his amour he has started plucking Peggys vent feathers. I don't want to breed from this pair. As Peggy reaches sexual maturity what should I expect? I am worried that even if I don't allow them to nest that she might be encouraged to start egg laying in her cage. Having only kept budgies before I am wondering if the hahns will be similar in the way that if no nestbox is introduced then the hen won't lay eggs? Do they have recreational sex as budgies do but without breeding? I can stop him plucking her by a simple word, but this is the main reason why they can't share a cage. Otherwise she would be stripped out by him. I need to supervise them 100% of the time they are together. Nutnut also plucks himself more when he is feeling like this. I suppose its from frustration? I can't do a great deal to change the way in which they are kept but it would be really helpful to understand what the breeding nature of the hahns is and how I can make this time easier for them both.
  2. When I found out about teflon I felt it wasn't worth the risk . I know its only if you burn it that the fumes are dangerous but whos knowing what other members of the family might do!
  3. Wow, only 5 days in! Hey, don't worry. Nutnut the hahns had been someones tame pet many moons ago. When I got him he was abandoned and he came with a warning that he bit very badly. I think that was because he was close to one person for a long time and then passed from pillar to post and got confused. They say it takes a parrot a year for every humans month to get adjusted to new surroundings. One day after about a week he just flew over to my shoulder. I cr****d myself thinking my earlobe might be removed! Then he started preening me! I'm sure yoiu'll establish a routine soon enough:) My 2 were terrible for my mum a couple of weeks ago when I was on holiday. They refused to go back in their cages and bit her cheeks! My mum had to wear a balaclava to let them out! I think change hits them harder than we expect. Its lovely that Elvis wants cuddles. It will take time and persistance to achieve a routine but once hes learnt it I'm sure you'll all be very happy:)
  4. Strange things men... My OH claims his ears are so sensitive he can't handle my parrots noise but yet when I go to his flat the music or TV is on full blast! I suppose what is music to some ears is pure racket to others. Luckily my ears are receptive to parrot. Unfortunately for my boyfriend I am less accomomodating to human bad behaviour than I am animals behaviour. Therefore he lives in his own appartment and can visit me when my birds have been put to bed for the night lol. He has on the odd occasion vented bad words to my parrots and been sent home promptly. My house, my pets, my rules. I know in my younger years I would have been less tough. I learnt through time that my pets might be awkward beggers but they will never let me down;) BFs have! Stick by your guns. If you are an animal compasionate person now, you still will be for the rest of your life so any partner you are with in your life must respect this in order to respect you. Just a thought but maybe your man is jealous of your attention being elsewhere? I know thats half the prob with mine and hes nearly 50!!!!
  5. Hi there. I have a 2 year old untame hahns (parent reared) which had no flights when I got her so was unable to fly. It took 9 months or so of crash landings while she struggled to get around but once her new flights came through she became a much fitter and very happy bird. She did become wiser to her disability after a while and learnt to negotiate the rooms by climbing with the helped of several ropes and ladders from the ceiling. It was one of the most rewarding bird experiences I ever had when she grew some beginnings of flights and made her first full room flight and sucessful landing:) She had soon learnt that my elbow was a convenient means of transport as well so became quite tame enough. Elvis will probably need to build up muscle as much as anything to fly sucessfully. On the bathing thing. I think one of mine might have been sprayed as punishment in the past too. In fact if I say 'bathtime' he runs and hides.(not my doing) He has taken to diving in his water bowl on a hot day lol! If I give him another bowl to bathe in he won't touch it. I don't spray him now, mainly as hes a plucker and any distress sets him off. I'm sure it doesn't apply to Elvis so perhaps your spray followed by reward would work well:) I'm guessing that Elvis isn't tame as you are towel wrappping him to catch him? Plenty of work in the cage on stepping up to command will help as you already suggested. You can still have an untame bird which will understand voice commands. My now untamish hahns knows the command to go back in her cage. She was trained by withdrawing her fave food for a few hours and replacing it with horrid healthy veg lol. Then telling her 'dinnertime' she sees and hears me put in her rattly seeds and nuts and comes flying in;) Sorry I'm rambling on about my birds! Just some thoughts from my recent novice experiences about how things could work out for you if you get him fit to fly:) Good luck with him and I hope he gets airbourne soon:)
  6. Washing or cooling your feet in the fishtank water when I'm cleaning it out is not allowed until I know you can swim without armbands. Trimming of my split ends will from now on be done by a human hairdresser and not a parrot. When in the car or the garden please refrain from yelling 'gis a kiss' to passing pedestrians, especially at traffic lights. They think its me! When at the river you must continue to yell abuse at the uni rowers who are disturbing the nesting swans;) This rule you are both doing well at lol:D
  7. So sorry to hear about your loss of Merlin:(
  8. Diego is lovely:D He looks so healthy. Its nice to see a hahns with all its feathers intact for a change! I get so used to my scraggy 2 that I forget what a fully feathered and unshreaded hahns looks like! Nuts is moulting at the moment and is getting some lovely new flights. I think the feather folicles on his body are damaged as he doesn't seem to grow any feather in his most bald areas:( I've been without my pc for about 2 weeks so am just snatching a few minutes on a friends internet. Still waiting for my pc to be mended but hopefully it will be back next week sometime.
  9. She/he'll be fine even with a dodgy leg. If you go in the city and see pigeons with half rotten legs hanging off and they are still flying and eating! The only problem will be perching and landing, but having had one legged budgies before I know these small birds can soon master this:)
  10. Thanks Mummy S:) Have you got some pics of your hahns on the forum? Glad to hear hes settled in well:) I'll be looking out for him on the forum:)
  11. My 2 hahns would rather starve than just eat Harrissons! Believe me I tried it on vetinary advice before. I think they just find it plain boring. I try to feed them some mixed veg at lunchtime and a new feed of fruit in the evening. Both the feeds are supplemented by a seed mix 50%(which I mix myself with dried fruit and nuts, berries and various seeds) and 'Pretty bird' pellets 50 % Greyeyes, mine adore sweetcorn and peas too. Also those long green beans:)
  12. I have one - My Fluffy!She roams the house and has an obsession with being in the birdroom lol. Also trys to sleep with the poor dog in her bed as well! I never knew a rabbit could live till 16 Buddhabelly!
  13. Thanks for the welcome everyone:D Lol, fancy meeting you here SDavies;)
  14. Great news that he's still going strong:D I was riding out in Newmarket a few months ago in the winter and heard what I knew was a ringneck calling in the middle of the heath. I phoned my mate to check hers hadn't got out, but she said not. It was then seen again 2 months later in trees in another part of Newmarket. I couldn't believe it was still alive. They seem to be very resilient birds:) Is it not the ringnecks that have done so well in the wild in Essex and London areas?
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