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  1. Hiya, My blue fronted amazon Rio has gotten like this sometimes and i just go to bed and leave cage open for him and usually when i come down in morning and feed him in he pops...lol....in 2 years he done this maybe 3 times and when leaving him in lounge he is fine..sometimes if we get stressed out this does not help anyone,,,
  2. Hi Lsa, Warm welcome to you and Dave....I also have a Male Blue Fronted Amazon called Rio and he is now 2 years old also have 2 staffordshire bull terriers and a rottweiller plus 3 chickens....Rio loves to be out and on top of cage although way above myself he is fine and never gets aggressive in any way
  3. Blimey Macmad....you got your work cut out there mate...lol......how are they kept?...very intrigued.....wish i could have volume control ...
  4. Thanks Claire....have a blue fronted amazon and he is the same will talk but without repeating to myself like Kizzy....my Galah still does not say anything she is same age as kizzy 13 months but still love her to bits and she would stay out all day if allowed ...lol
  5. Thanks for all your kind words....still so excited ....lol....
  6. Hiya, Just to say my Kizzy who is now 13 months is talking for England !!...it seems about a month ago she started talking and now hardly stops...was not sure of time that she would begin to talk or even if she would talk but wow im so chuffed...i can do absolutely anything with her and it seems i only have to say a word a few times and then she mimicks it straight off.. Words so far... wheres val wheres mark morning night night molly sit ,stand ,get down ( our dog) she sings all of when the red red robin come bob in along ( this is my team song Bristol City) hello jacob hello neil hello george marks going a work now see you later kizzy coo give me a kiss wheres livs (grandaughter) whistles mc donald tune kizzy good girl kizzy kiss kiss rio my (my amazon) 1 2 3 counts these and now im trying for 123456..grrr and this all in last month.... Sorry to go on a bit but a bit excited at her progress ...lol
  7. Mine are so spoilt ...just been out today and paid £100 on them ....and worth every penny...
  8. Hi Shellyalmond; You wont get shot down by my as i have 3 parrots and.. of these bought 2 of them within weeks of each other....Have a Blue fronted amazon called Rio who we purchased from local pet shop at thhe age of 13 months and is now 2 years old...he was very timid and to be honest even to this day will not step on hand for long but in every other is tame and talks for england,,,Then we have Kizzy my 13 month old african Grey notice i said my as she will only come with me and no one else...i walk around garden room to room and she sits for hours with me just being stroked she started talking about 2 months ago and will now pick up new words daily including counting...Also we have a Galah called Angel who is same age as Kizzy but shares a divided cage with Rio...Angel does not talk but will go to every one and sit and play out of cage for hours...Rio was very timid at first but just give them time and im sure your amazon will be ok.....Our Rio is such a lovely natured bird and so loving
  9. Hi Claire, Also my local pet shop will clip nails and wings for just a few pounds...£7 wings but not sure on nails....when my birds have wings clipped i put them one at a time in a pet carrier with some treats in..
  10. Just wondered if you have seen the perches that trim the nails....I have 3 birds and have never had to have nails clipped
  11. Very warm welcome to you and your family.....Rio,Kizzy and Angel.... Blue Fronted Amazon....African Grey....and Australian Galah
  12. Hi and welcome to you all, to put photos on you first have to get photobucket.co.uk....but i am sure one of the admins will post in a link to you very soon ways to do this...
  13. A very warm welcome to you both ....enjoy ... from Rio, Kizzy and Angel and Me ..
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