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  1. JEBIRDS that is exactly what she was trying to do in her water bowl. bless her thankyou so much glad she finnaly decided she likes water maybe wont smell so much lol. love her to peices .
  2. hi thanks uys no she if fine in herself looks like sunshine making her bit exited lol bless her whatever keeps her happy will try trey at bottom think she is having a ball of a time . lol my floor is soaked
  3. hi need help asap i have a 7 year old green amazon parrot . she hates to be water sprayed and wont come in shower . well for about last half hour she been putting her feet in her water boel chucking it everywhere all over her she also has her wings out seems to of gone all hyper she has NEVER done this in the year i have had her . is this normal or is she ill ?? sorry if i sould stupi i am sooo worried also if she is doing it for fun shill i put a small tray of water atbottom of cage for her to play in . again sorry if i am dumb still faily new to all this .
  4. aww thanks so much for you reply i am very new to this so worry i rubed casue thought she may get cold lol. she cleaning herself swinging on her swing still shouting love it love it so thats a good thing
  5. hi well as you all kmnow i have been owner to kia for about 3 months (i tyhink) have been spraying her with water to clean herself (she hats) every so often . well today after speaking to guy in a pet shop who owns parrot i decided to try the shower . only problem is its up 2 flights of stairs . she seems to be aworrier and never goes far from her cage . if she is on me and i walk to far she will fly back well she managed to get onto floor so i used a pillowcase to get put around her so i can caryy her up stairs . she didnt seem to mind this and was still happy to have head stroked ect . once in bathroom making sure all was safe i put her on some bedding to adjust while i was in showwer then picked ehr up and bought her in she potterd around in bottom wings open ect . then we got out i cuddled her in towel rubbing her gently . then carryed her back down stairs and into cage with a treat . she nevr ONCE showed agression and i was able to pick her up from behind all ok . did i do it right as i now paniking i have hurt her . she is fine inc age eatting her treats . ??/
  6. hehe my kia will be so proud love ya hun xxxx cant wait to see pics of her
  7. hey hun ... glad you joined me (we know each other ) . these are lovly people . lol xxxxxx
  8. hi all been a while getting used to owning kia . what can i say she is soo funny .. she tends to just say love it bloody love it alld ay long .. she has learnt to mimmc my 8 month olds cryy (so funny).. few weeks ago was the best tho . me and hubby were upstairs getting dessed my older one downstairs with jody . when we suddenly heard crying really load and somone shout help help . god my hubby ran down the stairs so fast only to find jody sound asleep and kia laughting at him lol . i was in stitches . lol tonight she has been so talkative its not like her said lots of things i didnt know she could she said love you mummy blew me a kiss and wolf whisled was ooo PROUD . also said help fell off the bed . lol (my 3 year old be saing iy all afternoon) . hehehe one down side tho is she keeps going for my kids when they walk past . she bit my baby the other day wasnt kia fault was my daughters as she was in hubby arms and lent and piut finger above food so obb she was going to go for it . we dont put food tho bar . but any other advise to stop her going for little ones much appiated . lol
  9. well i get her to come out of cage and she sits with me on sofa but kid of keeps flaping her feathers almost liek shaking but not if u know what i mean she does this while makin the noise that relly resembles a chicken haha . she not scared as i stroke her if i stop she will lean into me and nip my finger till i stroke her again . she turned her back to me at one point ass in the air im like OMG . have i got a horny bird on my hands ?? or just a funny little thing if its the horny how long will it last . anythink i should shoulnt do ??/ she is sooo funny bless her i love her so much . x
  10. Ok so kiss comes out and comes on my lap but she seems. To shake her wings a lot no aggression. At all I can stroke her wings and head seems happy what id she doing any ideas
  11. Sorry u probably Im stupid. But can I give her tennis balls to play with also won. A cooconut could qje have it x x
  12. hey i have just got myself some harrison hpc after my cousin mentioned it she has got amazon . i acutally go tmine off ebay not huge diff paid 988 including postage instead of 13 . but every penny helps
  13. kia actuall climbed on to my shoulder now nattering away cant make out what she is saying tho lol not bad had her less the 48 hours
  14. thankyou guys . sounds like i am a very sepcial lady . and she is special my cusin has one that is 1 i think and she says hers is very noisy . KIA is fab doent screm unless u say bye . shows no signs of major agression . maybe because she is7 she has lernt mannars . but from what i gather i am at least the 3rd owner she h as had so suprised she has trusted so quick . x
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