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  1. I normally put it in her water but will put it on her food from now on. She was very chirpy this morning and came to say hello affectionately but has gone into protective mode and is a bit snappy at present. She has always been a bit of a mood swinger, which from what i can gather is typical of a hahns!! The vet did ring this morning to check she was ok and reaffirmed his advice on harrisons (beginning to think he gets commission)!! I've done a bit of research on the net and looked at some of the threads on here and once she has settled down i'm considering introducing Zupreem or kaytee into her diet. I did look into it before as it looks a bit more appealing but on the vets advice tried the harrisons.
  2. I have tried harrisons before but she really wouldn't eat it so after wasting an entire bag, i never bought it again. When i bought her, her previous owner gave me a bottle of calcivet so i have continued using that. Iour advices there a better one i should use?? I really would like to say thanks for all your advice. It has helped me feel less anxious about my baby.
  3. I haven't removed the eggs. I followed all his other advice except that, oh and the harrisons which i know my baby will not eat.
  4. Unfortunately he isn't an avian vet (there isn't one locally) but he specialises in 'exotic species' and was a head vet at a South African Zoo. He has great qualifications & very is confident with his advice but on this occasion i am only questioning it because of the number of people who have said the opposite.
  5. Thanks for the advice David (and everyone else) I am soo confused and worried taking the eggs will make her stressed but the vet was so insistent that she will use all her energy tending to them. He is a very well qualified vet but on the other hand you guys are the ones with experience. When it was just the one egg, she would leave it and come out but now she has 2, she is nesting on them most of the time.
  6. Have finally spoken to my vet. His advice is to take the eggs away, increase calcium and UV light, decrease daylight to a maximum of 8 hrs and when things are back to normal get her implanted. Oh and the old favourite replace seed with harrisons. (tried that before and Diego refused to eat it an threw it all out of the cage!) If i was anxious before, i'm even worse now!!!!
  7. Thanks guys. I have been looking around the web for info but have obviously been looking in the wrong places. The eggs are on the floor of the cage in a corner and i've noticed she has been bringing them food which makes me kind of sad for her. On my research i came across a suggestion of replacing the eggs with pebbles or stones, is this advisable in your opinions, or is it just better to let nature take its course?? My 4yr old is completely fascinated with the fact that Diego has laid eggs. He told me "That must mean Diego is a girl Mummy so we will have to call him Dora now!"
  8. Hi all I've had Diego a year now and was told by his previous owner that he was a boy and about 2 years old. On Fri I discovered he (or rather She) had laid an egg. My vet is proving rather difficult to get hold of and I've heard several stories which have freaked me out. Diego's poo is also runnier than normal and she is now sitting on 2 eggs. I did post on another section on here on Fri and was advised not to freak and give her calcium which I have done. How many more eggs should I expect? The previous owner obviously got the gender wrong and I'm wondering if her age is wrong too. Any advice is always gratefully received. :roll:
  9. Just been to put my baby to bed only to find her clucking over not 1 but 2 eggs. Still haven't been able to talk to the vet and I'm feeling a bit anxious. Also her poo is quite runny! Should I be really worried right now or am I over reacting? How many eggs should I expect??
  10. Hi Everyone, It's been a while since i was last one here. I am a first time bird Mummy and although we have now had Diego for a year now, i am still learning. We bought Diego from his previous owner, who was unable to look after him. I am not sure of his history prior to that but the previous owner was unsure of his exact age and said he was 'probably about 2yrs and a boy'. I have just gone to do a cage clean and found an egg on the floor of the cage - He (or should i say she) has been clucking around that area of the cage for a few weeks now) I have tried to contact my vet but thought i'd ask for advice from people with experience here also. Someone has told me everyone they know that has had a female bird has lost their bird after it had laid an egg because of stress - which is probably a few facts short of the truth and has rather freaked me out!!
  11. Thank you all for your advice. Diego appears to be back to his normal self. I stayed up late with him after speaking to our vet and then took him in first thing this morning. He is eating and drinking normally, breathing etc is all fine. I have been advised again to switch his seed mix to Harrisons but we have tried that once before and he point blank refused to eat it so I'm undecided. Will keep you informed of any changes and thanks again.
  12. Toys are all in tact and as far as i know he hasn't eaten anything he shouldn't have. It did seem like he was having a fit it but i really can't be sure. His wings were outstretched and it was almost like he couldn't stand. It was fluid that he brought up and he is breathing ok. He is still sat nuzzled up under my chin under a blanket. He seems perfectly fine now just quieter than his normal naughty self
  13. Hi, It's been a while since i was last on here but i am a newbie parrot Mummy still learning the ropes. 7 months ago i offered my home to a lovely Hahns Macaw Diego. He has blended well with our young family and it seems as if he has always been with us. Anyway, i've just given him some fresh water and after guzzling, he fell of his perch and was rolling around on the floor of his house. I managed to grab hold of him and he nuzzled into my chest and then started being sick. Half an hour has now passed and although he seems ok, i am very worried and not sure whether i should call the vet now or leave it till the morning.
  14. I realise i must seem very niave to have thought this was something new. I guess there really are people out there who like the idea of a particular pet and are willing to purchase from the 'back of a van' to avoid paying breeders/shops cost and who gets these animals without fully looking into what they are taking on. I really wanted to feel sorry for the pensioner in the article but i just couldn't.
  15. **Not sure if i am posting this in the right section but i'm sure the powers that be will move it to the correct area** I have just read a story in our local newspaper concerning the sale of birds from the back of a van. According to the article states a woman in a white van claims to have travelled from Newcastle to make several deliveries of parrots in the Exeter area. I know most people on here are avid, experienced bird keepers but i joined just before getting my 1st parrot and i'm sure there are others out there that are looking for their 1st bird who may join this forum and i wanted to make them aware. The article claims a pensioner answered an advert that gave a mobile phone number, and a woman arrived with a van full of birds. She paid £165 for what she was told was a friendly, playful, talking baby parrot that was good with children. It turned out to be an aggressive ring-neck parakeet and has since been rehomed in a bird sanctuary I have included the links to the original article and another which claims there could be up to 8 more birds in the Exeter area that have been purchased from the same van. http://www.thisisexeter.co.uk/news/Rogue-bird-ruffling-pensioner-s-feathers/article-2595958-detail/article.html http://www.thisisexeter.co.uk/news/Echo-readers-tell-concern-parakeets/article-2604467-detail/article.html
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