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  1. I also put 6 sheets of newspaper across the floor in front of their cages so when they sit on the top of their cages tail out or on their doors, i don't have to deal with carpet mess. I started thinking about cheap rolls of lining paper, maybe more affordable using 40m rolls of this for £10: https://www.diy.com/departments/value-1000-grade-lining-paper-l-40m-w-54-cm/1806904_BQ.prd This might be cheaper (not sure on the thickness): https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Lining-Wallpaper-800-Gauge-Quad-White---40m/p/610053 Does anyone know of cheaper options?
  2. I have 2 large cages with a tray that is 1m width by 0.75m in depth. I've been using large format newspaper sheets to line the large tray for the poop to land on. However, most of the newspaper was donated by family and family have since stopped buying newspapers as they've switch to reading the news on-line. Does anyone know of a very affordable method of lining the bottom of a large tray, newspaper substitutes?
  3. Just wondering what everyone is feeding their parrots now a days?
  4. Neil

    New Member (Charlie's Best Mate)

    Hi and welcome. How have the two of you been getting on?
  5. Neil

    plastered walls

    in this weather, they'll be dry within a day or two... once the wet areas have are no longer visible, give it an extra day to dry further. Then you'll need to paint at some point. Some people recommend PVA (1 part PVA and 5 parts water) for pre paint pre.. not the best solution, this is probably best idea for preparing the wall:
  6. Neil

    plastered walls

    have you painted them yet?
  7. Hi and welcome. You should all take turns in the duties of letting him out, entraining etc. If you get stuck in a routine, of just the one person doing the same tasks and spending the time with him, then he'll associate with that person more. Saying that, i've spoken to some people that have said, they feed, clean and let the bird out and it hates them and when their husband comes, the bird spends time with him. Variety is the spice of life. All rotate hand feeding, even bits of their feed and treats, builds up trust, especially with hands. I think a laid back calm approached has worked well for me, no pressure to do anything... in return.. I've got trust and respect from them. They often have an attention span of about 5 to 10 minutes before they've had enough and bored with what you are doing with them. I have a grey that came from another house, hated men, and loved the woman... he came to live with me, doesn't hate men in my house, i believe it's more about the person, not the gender. I've found, talking to the birds about what you are doing in a human voice, as opposed to some high pitch shriek or like talk to them like they're idiots or children. Talk to them with respect and not treating them like children helps. Talk to him like he's an intelligent individual, keep the talk simple, keyword simple and he'll associates actions with words. Like when getting the water bowl.. "water?" "want water?".. when i leave the room, i say "bye bye", when entering i say "hello"... now if i walk in with a bowl of water, i get "water!".. "apple".,, when there is chopped apple in a bowl.. i even get a "hello" and "bye bye" if i leave the room... i even get asked... "alright mate?".. which i nod my head and say yes.... which they do when i ask the same.
  8. Neil

    my parrot is sad

    just remember, parrots are highly intelligent.. it's debatable that some of more intelligent than their owners.. mine will probably agree with that. They need lots of simulation via activities and involvement. Have you thought about getting toys that you can do together, like putting hoops on pets, it's a bonding, teaching and activity toy. and toys to break boredom like foot toys. shredding and foraging toys: http://www.dietecuk.co.uk/bird-toys/foot-toys and http://www.dietecuk.co.uk/bird-toys/shredding-toys and: http://www.dietecuk.co.uk/bird-toys/foraging-toys
  9. Just wondering which breakfast cereals you can and shouldn't give your birds?
  10. I'm trying to build up the pros and con's of wing clipping. Con's Psychological issues - what are they? The chest muscles weaken - any truth? ... ... Pro's Restrict a birds movement to mitigate risks and dangers - ideal if a bird is a risk to itself. Prevent escape - (con = false sense of security as they often escape) ... ... I need help adding to this.
  11. Neil

    Intro (Crazybirdman)

    Welcome and pull up a seat.. we did have cookies but MMM ate the lot.
  12. Neil

    Hi new member (Oxfordsandie)

    Hi and welcome! I have a couple of greys. how long have you had your birds?
  13. Neil

    my parrot is sad

    Bird are very sociable creatures and belong in flocks (birds and/or human companions). Hopefully there are plenty of activities (toys, ropes, etc) in the cage (leaving a toy free tangle free area to prevent a fatality or harm). Hopefully your bird spends a lot of time out of it's cage socialising with yourself and family.
  14. Neil

    Manchester United FC

    Evolution of football.. Kenny Dalglish in the early 90's milked the last ouch of what he could out of his ageing Liverpool squad and then entered 25 years of few highs and lots of medium-lows. The same is being said of fergie. With the oil money in the game, the likes of Chelski and City will dominate over UTD, as i understand they're maxed out on debt and with an owner than likes to cream off money. Will utd go the way of rangers.. who knows, i wouldn't be surprised if success they believe is rightfully theirs doesn't follow. The ironic thing is, 25 years on, the mighty reds, a town i'm from and grew up watching as a kid, against all odds... could Liverpool FC be on the verge of doing something i haven't seen since i was a young lad on the KOP. If we do, i'll probably cry my eyes out (due to excitement and frustration) at this stage, i'll probably cry either way now. As the shanks once said "Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.'
  15. if there is a chip on record still owned by you, ensure your details are up to date and report it missing and if he ever goes to a vet and is scanned, they should call you.