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  1. as for charlie being held in a towel and having his beak filed i think i'd rather wrestle an alligator, ive never used a towel on him because hes a good boy and with a little coaxing always goes in his cage but i would think that he would win if i tried to wrap him in one, there may be brave people out there but i'm not one of them!, i think i'll ring the vet lol
  2. i took in a couple of hedgehogs last year and learnt taht if you get a pair of tweezers you can get the tick and turn them anti clockwise and keep going till it comes off, as long as you dont pull they just always come off, its a bit tricky but i you have someone holding the dog/hedgehog/cat or whatever has the tick you can use both hands and it takes about 5 turns!
  3. hi yes it is that one, i dont have an avian vet in my area but if a general vet can do it i will take it to him. I think my vet is fantastic so i trust him a lot but if you think he needs an avian vet to do the dremel let me know thanks very much for helping me make the decision, if i tell my other half a vet saw the pic and thinks he could do with a trim he will be less likely to moan about the cost, how much do you think it will cost to do (just an estimate obviously, ive never had it done before!!!) :?
  4. hi, charlie the CAG has a rather strange beak at the moment, he seems to have worn it at both sides on the concrete perch and the cage bar, it is rather long looking and i'm wondering if he is trying to wear it down enough to break off the bit at the end, its nice and wide from his nostrils down but once past where his bottom beak naturally would sit the top beak is thin and long, as he has never been to a vet i dont know how he would handle as he is relatively tame with me and better with my partner but enjoys a good swipe at you with his beak when it takes his fancy so i dont want to stree him out unnecessarily but if you think he needs a beak clip i will of course take him, i cant get a pic on right now but thought you might be able to guess as to what sort of length a beak should be?!?!? i have just included the latest pic of him in my photobucket which may help!
  5. as we have rehomed our chips with lorna m we have a homebuilt cage/aviary for sale. it would be suitable for smaller birds or chipmunks and can be used in or outside (if varnished) i have posted a for sale notice on the relevant part of the parrot forum but just wanted to let you all know in case you miss it. its about 6ft by 5 ft by 3 ft. and its going for 30 squid!
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