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  1. Hmm. So, 'mucky parrots' is a favourite game of most parrots and no indication of what side she's batting for? She's still a Gladys...?
  2. I noticed this section includes 'new behaviours'. Well, Gladys Scoffer has started exhibiting a new behaviour. My troublesome teenager is 15 years old now; I suppose she's at 'that' age when they start to wonder about 'things'.... It all started with a little bell I got her for Christmas. She'd never shown any interest in bells before, but this one got her attention somehow. After a couple of weeks of her giving the little bell what for, I hung a bigger bell in her cage. I now get the 'Gladys Scoffer Extravaganza Show' 3 or 4 times a day. (It's a one parrot show, where she sings several different songs, mainly of her own composition, whilst accompanying herself very enthusiastically on the bell.) This new found interest in entertainment, whilst it is a 'new behaviour', it is not THE 'new behaviour'. It's what else she's doing to the bell....or trying to do to the bell that's THE new behaviour. She likes the bell. A lot. In fact she loves the bell. She loves the the bell so much she's started playing 'mucky parrots' with the bell. She plays 'mucky parrots' with that bell everyday. And trust me, 'mucky parrots' is not very ladylike. I don't want to stop her playing 'mucky parrots'....she's clearly enjoying herself, what with all the snuffly, chuckly, grunty noises going on... Obviously I take the bell off her when we have polite company; Don't need that sort of goings on in the corner, while we're trying to converse over tea and biscuits. The thing is: I'm wondering if they got it wrong when she was a baby. I'm wondering if Gladys is more of a Gary. She looks like a Gladys - she can certainly bat those long eyelashes like a Gladys. I don't know what to think. I mean, cows play 'mucky cows' with each other when there's no men-cows about, don't they....? Not seen one playing 'mucky cows' with an inanimate object, like a tractor or something.... Any theories or comments?
  3. I wanted to buy a budgie.....No that's not right....I was THINKING about buying a budgie for Gladys to talk to. I only went in there because I needed some dinners for Gladys. One sad parrot later and I'm thinking where on earth would I fit another Amazon with emotional/behavioural difficulties and would I be able to rescue him on 5 years interest free credit.
  4. He's not sick. He's miserable. He belonged to someone - there was a pair of them - Roxy and Wallace. They got fed up with the shouting and carry on that parrots do at first and last light, sent them off to a dealer and they ended up at the pet shop about 4 months ago. Roxy was a lot more chatty than Wallace and someone bought her 3 months ago. At that point Wallace shut up completely and got depressed. The guy I talked to openly admitted that they don't have time to give him any attention. Now he's not interested in anything. He was hand tame, but he just runs away shrieking now. He said everyone wants a talking happy parrot, and poor Wallace is anything but. And he's quite loud in the morning. He did show some normal parotty body language today - I chatted to him for about 30minutes, and he got slightly more interested in me. Cage isn't that clean. Neither's he really. He needs a good bath and he's not been out of the cage since he got there. I was going to get Gladys a companion bird, but something budgie size - cost mainly - I haven't got the money for Wallace... Price tag says £750 for him and the cage. It's a bit steep that.
  5. Maybe I worry too much. My sister did say to bear in mind that I'm comparing him to the finger nyaming, over stimulated, disco diva Miss World of parrots that I have here. Anyway I have a excuse to go back and visit today. I'll interrogate the staff.
  6. Anyone out there? 2 years old Orange Wing Amazon called Wallace sat in pet department of Tong garden centre looking like he feels like crap. If anyone's got any of Greg Glendell's parrot books this poor little guy looks the epitomy of a parrot that isn't feeling too good - dull feathers, lifeless eyes, looks sleepy, fluffed up, no interest. I think he's being sold on behalf of a customer. The staff are clearly cleaning the botom of the cage out but the cage looks like the bars haven't been cleaned. He's got fresh water and an abundance of seed - no evidence of fruit and veg though. Looks like he needs a good bath. Okay so not feather plucking and seriously abused, but clearly very unhappy. Suggestions anyone?
  7. The Kitty Ditties were really good. Baby Kitty has now gone to a new home. Much to the relief of my cat, Dolly. Who was being to feel a little bullied by the little bundle of fluff a tenth of her size. http://i1009.photobucket.com/albums/af220/Gladys_Scoffer/Gladys/Dashboard%20Kitty/P7260709.jpg Gladys is out all day again now - she was growling at the new arrival so I wasn't about to risk any incidents. The room is parrot proof, in so far as any thing she decides to chew is safe for her to chew. My spider plant.....ex-spider plant, was obviously subjected to some frenzied activity one day. She's started shouting in the morning again "Wake Up !!!. Come here. Come On. Hurry Up. Quickly. Quickly. Come on..." I wouldn't mind but I only got 4 hours last night. She obviously understands what she's saying - she's got the context and everything. She even says it quieter when she knows I'm awake or she can hear me coming. Fortunately I have discovered this week that she also understands "Get back in there." If she's calm she'll get back in her cage. So once we've got over the initial excitement of me coming home, I can just tell her to go back in her cage - then I pull the long string I have attached to the cage door and swing it shut. Bingo. Thought she would do it for a "Goodnight" I always say "Goodnight" when I put the lights out, but she used that herself once or twice when she was tired and put herself to bed - telling me I suppose that she wanted the lights switching off so she could sleep. So I've never used it during the day - didn't want to confuse her. So, not been a bad couple of weeks I suppose. "Get in there" and "Stay there", a kitty rescue and a new job/life on the way - think that's pretty good going.
  8. A bloke at work has been thinking about getting a kitten for the last few weeks. Told him to think it over for the weekend. It would be tricky keeping it. Poor little thing - I don't think it's been away from it's mother before and my cat is non too pleased with the little intruder.
  9. IT'S A GIRL !! Extracted by D-Section (Dashboard section) at about 2pm this afternoon, ultimately from somewhere behind the steering wheel. It's about the only thing I (and a neighbour and a landrover expert) didn't take out. :? Only about 8 weeks old, and in surprisingly good nick despite over 24hours stuck up a Freelander. It's been to the Vet for a full inspection and finally decided to eat something earlier this evening, before konking out in my lap for some much needed sleep. Bless.
  10. Now I have worse problem. It's all gone horribly wrong today. It started with the alarm clock not going off (Oh if only it had...). ](*,) And now I've got a kitten stuck up my dashboard - Yes that's right - No need to read it twice. It's been there for 12 hours, since I 'rescued' it from certain death on a busy road. :| Half the instrumentation, the glove box and most of the centre console is on the back seat and I still can't get to it. If it hasn't found it's own way out to the tasty tuna dinner I left in the footwell by tomorrow [-o< , I've got to rag the radio out together with the rest of the console, the passenger airbag and half the heat and vent system. :? I've spent half the day upside down in the footwell, I've cricked my neck and dropped a screwdriver in my eye. By tomorrow morning kitty will probably have poohed up there and the screwdriver incident will fade into insignificance. :sick: Knowing my luck I'll never find it and then I'll have to drive round for weeks maybe months with the unbearable stench of rotting kitty corpse. I don't know why these things happen to me. It's not like I go looking for it. I mean really, how many people out there have had a kitten stuck up their dashboard…. And Dad’s coming on Saturday I can just imagine that conversation “Er…Do you mind if we take your car to the restaurant Dad, only I’ve got a dead cat in mine that I can’t get out, and the smell might put you off your lunch….” :? Poor old sod. 83 years old and he was probably hoping ‘he’d seen and heard it all’ from me by now, but no, yet again I’ve done something else that he’s not going to quite believe. :shock: And it’s not like I haven’t given him enough to think about already this week. First I tell him I’d jacked my job in, and then I told him I’m going to live with Turkeys on a farm in Cumbria because my parrot is lonely. :-s
  11. It was one of those moments of clarity. :idea: Gregs book - everyone should get one. There was a couple of photos in there - I flicked between the two, and all of a sudden it was blindingly obvious that 99% of the time I hadn't got a cross parrot, I'd got an over excited happy parrot - okay so in her enthusiasm she wants to swing on me and chew my fingers, but I can work with that. The other thing that jumped out, was the book pointed out that she is 100% emotion, so she's going to be very empathic - so no matter how jolly I try to appear to be with her, if I'm in a grump about work - she'll pick up on it and amplify it - she's telling me I'm not happy, and therefore neither is she. It's not in her to bottle it up and put up with crap like we do/I do. While I was on holiday my friend made a casual reference to the farm and then somebody ( :-k I forget who that was KAZZ!!) suggested bringing some holiday :D/ mentality back into everyday life, my sister said over dinner the other night that I should check out the whole farm thing, because it sounded fanastic - if it was 'for real', I came home and sat chatting to Gladys till way past her bedtime and it all became very very obvious. A few text messages, a phone call in the morning and it was a done deal. My little feathered mood measurer is, today, a very busy happy little parrot, wanting treats - we've had some excitement, but I haven't had that tail, and I haven't been chased past the cage. She knows. AND, I apologise Greg, sticking my hand up and saying "Stay there." does appear to work.
  12. Thanks for that last bit of advice Kazz, you are of course right, so I have acted on it. I watched the blood drain from my boss' face as I handed my notice in at work this morning. He thought I was joking when I announced that I had decided to move to Cumbria and shovel pig pooh on a friend's farm rather than stay and shovel Bull S**t :shock: . It was supposed to be a part-time/temp paper shuffling job 20 hours a week tops, it turned into 30-40 hours and some, and I was doing systems analysis and writing software, all for temps wages. I blitzed a 12 month contract in 6 months, doubled the turnover of another contract whilst effectively cutting their overheads, they were taking more and more of my time, I got no thanks and to add injury to insult it's obviously been p*ssing my parrot off. ](*,) On 'holiday', I 'worked' for different bits of the Army, very important people stood up infront of hundreds of other people and publically thanked me for my efforts =D> , apart from one afternoon when I was invited to wander round Buckingham Palace gardens with a plate of cucumber sandwiches (as reward for those efforts), I was with Gladys almost all the time, she had lots to nosey at all day every day and she was a very happy birdie. So, we are going to move to my friend's place, where I will do lots of different things, be appreciated, and Gladys will barely get a moment to herself - and if I manage to double their turnover I might even get paid - so if anyone wants a 100% organic free range happy turkey for Christmas.....(well it won't be very happy when you get it , but it will have been as happy as a turkey can be up until then ) I'm your gal !! We're going to have a great time, and who knows Gladys might even stop biting me. :wink:
  13. Got the books. Fantastic. What I know so far (apart from sticking my hand up to stop her landing on me, doesn't work - but you'd have to read the other post for that). 1. She loves me - I thought she might fancy the cat, and had a whole 'Three's a crowd' thing going on. But she's not being agressive towards me per se, she's getting really really excited. 2. She's got bit territorial about her cage :? - I think - or she's trying to get next to me. She's not keen on coming out of it - but then I'm not making her. 3. She's getting lonely during the day :cry: . I come home, she rushes about in her cage - when I go and stand next to her she calms down if I move away she gets agitated. She doesn't want treats or anthing, she just wants to be near me. I don't think she's very happy. I'm not happy. So...I pulled a stool up to her cage last night (it was a very small stool, and she came all the way to the bottom of the cage to sit next to me), we had a nice long heart to heart for a couple of hours (I talked, she sang). This morning I went into work and handed my notice in 8-[ . We've decided the best thing to do is to go and help a friend out on a farm for the forseeable future - there's an educational side to it all, so plenty of people , there'll be 4 people in the house, so plenty more company , plenty of things to nosey at :wink: , and a couple of love birds to keep her company on the rare occasions she's 'on her own'. No wage for me until I can rake in some more business for them, but while I'm doing that we'll get to spend far more time together . I think she'll like that much better than being here.
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