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  1. Sorry to hear that I know exactly how you feel and it really is the worst feeling. Same seller!!! doesn't surprise me. Few hints. Don't bother to wait for a call back nor a courier to come collect. It will never happen. How can this man keep gettiing away with this? Its not in the slightest bit fair on the buyer nor the bird! It made me feel like I didn't want birds anymore! But I now have a REAL cuddly tame BABY senegal from another breeder and he is perfect so don't give up. Infact they have their own fan club on facebook 'charlie & billie senegal parrots'. MP you with my contact details. Call me n I can call you right back
  2. Oh and Abbe listened to all these other peoples advise as well as parrot society rep, jardines breeder because mr shopkeeper never returned her calls
  3. oh and note my previous post with regards to the videos made. I did NOT want to be handling him at that time but Mr shopkeeper insisted on video footage to prove I had a problem. Mr shopkeepers hand breader advised me to handle him as much as possible as did mr shopkeepers courier when he was delivered. I even said in that same post that 'I was nervous' of him due to being bitten so many times previously
  4. Just watched the link, yes that looks like a happy bird with his well bonded to owner/hand rearer. Does still look notably bigger and older than the just weaned baby that I am told you have at your shop though. You know the one with the ring on its leg and I assume the paperwork to show its age and where it came from . You know the one I was sold over the phone and paid for but never got the pictures to chose which one I wanted because for some reason it was rushed to me a week early.
  5. Thanks you guys, you have been great with all you help and advise.
  6. sorry, just read back over what suebarass said and it made me chuckle. 'don't let them take him back'. Mr shopkeeper has done everything in his power NOT to take him back. Oh and spoke to a breeder of Jardines today and she said there is no way he is as young as they say so you are probably right on that score too. He was weaned then plonked in a cage in the shop no doubt and is not used to regular handling amymore but at least the breeder caron-j dealt with was honest enough to warn her of that. Back to suebarass I don't care what mr shopkeeper thinks either because he didn't care when he took 104 hours of my hard earned money then fobbed me off ever since
  7. yes you are right I am nervous of him. I only took this video because mr shopkeeper wanted to see him bite and I really did not want to be handling him at the time. I do not think the bird is aggressive I have simply said he bites hard and often i.e. when he can reach me and it hurts. Its hard to explain but its like if he wants a fuss and is looking soft he can't help but bite you like he thinks thats what he has to do not because he hates you. Does that make sense. I am also worried that his biting will get worse. I have tried to have as much contact as possible and talk to him alot, I also let him out of his cage for about 4 hours every day I can give him treats by hand but have to be careful of my fingers even then because he prefers to bite my fingers than take the treat most of the time. The video of him saying ow was literally just as he arrived, I put that one on because I thought it was cute. But after letting him settle in a while then trying to handle him as I was advised by the shop/courier I found out why he says ow. He has obviously bitten people enough times before he got to me to learn that when he bites people say ow. I know why they said ow. Please remember it was the people who breed/handreared/sold him that taught him this. before this video I had spent the enitire previous week trying to handle him and being bitten very hard. When I leave my hand/finger there without taking it out of his beak he does not attempt to step up. Instead his bite gets harder and harder and he begins to grind his beak down on your skin, even cause my thumb to click. I already had very sore fingers When I put my finger in front of him I was simply trying to make contact with him and was not asking him to step up, I know already he will not step up. When I move the treat back slowly I was hoping he would follow it and step up on my arm, I think I was saying step up then? could be wrong. But anyway it didn't work and I paid for it. I have more footage but can't yet work out how to get it from my phone to computer, at one point he got hold of my finger so hard I struggled to get it out and as soon as I did he grabbed another finger to chomp on. It is very difficult to show how hard a bite feels on video, but I have a friend who worked on a game reserve and is used to handling much bigger birds. This birdie bit him and he told me 'return it and get a pet bird instead'. My next door neighbour but one has an aviary and she was bitten very hard and will now not touch him. My boyfriend will not go near him after being bitten so many times. Sometimes I simply walk past his cage and he growls other times he does nothing but what is most upsetting is when he pushes his little beak through the bars and looks like he wants some love. I try to give him a little stroke but it only lasts a few seconds before my finger is back in his beak. He thinks biting is what you do with people.
  8. emmmm, I don't think Mr shop keeper would like that. I feel bad for the courier cause he was only trying to solve the problem. Trading standards & my card company have now said that as he has been so obstructive and as it is his legal obligation to get the bird back at his expense I should keep the bird, still claim all my money back from my credit card company and then its up to him to get the bird back. I have done all I can now its his problem. i.e. he arranges for the bird to go back or it stays here and I get a full refund either way. I may sit down and write a letter though. Only problem is when someone advertises in a magazine, the magazine company tend to like taking their payments each month.
  9. Today the courier who brought this bird to me rang to say he had been sacked by this company so he could not bring this bird back to the shop. His reason is because of this forum conversation that Mr shop keeper has obviously read and does not like.
  10. I think I would be very lucky to get a penny back from this guy. When I told him that trading standards had told me I am entitlled to return the bird for a full refund at no cost to myself i.e. I should not have paid a penny, he told me quite angrily to keep the bird before hanging up on me. He is willing to take the bird back but wants to leave me £120 out of pocket. I still have no paperwork at all and after he hung I called the courier who delivered him and asked his help. He was very helpful and acted as a kind of mediator. He also told me he thought it was strange the day he picked this and the other birds up because he was given birds that didn't have to be delivered until thursday of this week so he has had to look after them at his house for a week, He said all the other birds had split rings and envelopes with their paperwork except mine. I still have no idea when this bird hatched as I keep being told 'oh its on my calender at home'. I have now spent 5 full days of having my called not returned and when I do call they say the person I need is not there and they'll call back. The birdie only seems interested in seeds and throws his veg away although he has the odd pea, and as there was no care sheet with him I have no idea what he was used to eating so have been trying everything, oh he does like cod! and does not eat in the evenings at all. Someone made suggestions my boyfriend was man-handling me yesterday because of the bruises on my arms from the biting! I very much think I will be seeing this man in court
  11. I feel terrible for the bird, I know he wants to be loved but doesn't know how. If he does goes back he will not go the way he came, I would take him myself to ensure he had food and water and that he got there as quickly and calmy as possible,
  12. They knew damn well that this bird was not cuddly tame as when we opened the box i videoed it and put it on you tube the same evening. The bird bit my boyfriend while still in the box and said 'ow' It learned that when people are bitten they say 'ow' before it arrived with me. He is older than they say his beak is mostly black and he has orange on his head (one patch) lots of orange under his wing and a tiny bit on his shoulders he also has some orange on one leg. There are many jardines videoed on youtube with their ages noted and even a 9 month old looks younger than mine The hatch certificate is still ' in the post' surprise surprise! as is the health certificate. He is NOT used to other animals as advertised and has a vocabulary of at least 5 words that I have heard so far. someone has definately played peekaboo with him alot! The guy who surposedly handreared him told me he could only say hello! A friend from the parrot society spoke to the shop and told me she is sure they are lying about his age and where he came from. She believes he belonged to one of the staff members who saw my enquiry as a way to make an extra few quid. He doesn't have a ring and I am worried this was cut off to hide his age because the worst growls and bite come if you go anywhere near his feet. He will not step up at all and was not interested in the goodies on the plate I tried. He is happy playing with his toys and eating. He does not have any desire to mix with people, well not anyone of the 6 people who have visited since he arrived. He still growls and bites whenever he makes contact with me and the shop told me I was lying and to video myself being bitten so the could see for them selfs. They told me he was too excited and he was too scared and I should put him in a corner etc etc. They were going to call me back about 8 times and finally this afternoon I got a call back after informing them I was NOT going to disappear and to STOP trying to mug me off! ohhhhhhhhh :twisted: I told them I WOULD put an advert for their 'cuddly tame' birds on youtube for the world to see. I am sure it would be a great advert for them
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