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  1. if he drops hsi wings what does it mean?
  2. he does it when i first get him out and give him fuss, he only does it with me, and not with my husband. it is similar to the whimpering noise as you describe, he will be a year old on 25th october this year
  3. When an african grey makes baby type noises what does this mean?
  4. Thanks, just postinbg loads of ads for him, i love that bird so so much
  5. lost our much loved pied cockatiel 07544463469 if hes spotted. He got out in Bretton in Peterborough
  6. Thanks!!! he makes a warble type of noise when he sees me etc but he does rub his beak into my hand, we had loadsa cuddles tonight, he doesnt like me getting him to step up in his cage but once hes out he will gladly do so, he will also wander off then get panicy so il have to go get him and he will snuggle into me! Tonight he found the pleasures of a coke bottle top, the little begger also tried to knick my mobile phone. Hes lost interest in my glasses now though, i think the backing off and saying no firmly hes learnt that i don't like it so he doesnt do it now. So proud of my little man, he is such a sweetie! He also ate a whole pear tonight cut into chunks! he hated the brocolli and carrots and cauli i gave him yesterday but il try again next week. Im working my way through fruit and veg to see what he does and doesnt like so i can get a good idea of what he likes. What time do you guys feed yours the fruit/veg? he doesnt seem to be too bothered in the mornings for it and midday he is too busy having a nap but the evening he seems to come back awake and does his munching then before he goes to sleep.
  7. I have been giving ope a mixture of fruits and vegtables daily, ive found that feeding him early evening his fresh fruit andf veg he actually eats it then as earlier in the day he tends to ignore it and be more interested in playing. Whats the most nutricious fruit or vegtable to give to them out of curiosity. So far he adores blueberrys, pommegranite, apple, pear and peas. He threw the cauliflower and brocolli as far as he could, same with mango and orange. He seems to kinda like the others but not overly. Strawberrys he picked up and threw then showed his disgust by shaking his head. He also rubs his beak on his concrete perch a fair bit, is this just general maintenance of his beak or just for fun? never known my other birds to do it. Hes also not keen on being taken out of his cage but will gladly have cage fuss, once he climbs out he looks for me and comes over onto my hand for cuddles on my chest and neck/belly/face rubs. Also does anyone have any links with regards to the natural african grey sounds they make as i been trying to look it up and its all about parrot mimicry however i want to known what his normal sounds mean too.
  8. That website is a dangerous one..... i just spent a damn fortune on there for the tiels and opie! their prices are awesome, i struggle like anything to get the sort of toys i want around here and i get fed up searching the internet and this website has everything
  9. Well he eventually went to being the normal way around after quite a while, he even fell asleep the weirdo! If i opened the door and gave him fuss he would then lean back onto my hand! He also every night goes onto his swing and swings back and forth to he falls asleep which is very sweet! Im suprised how quickly hes taken to me though, ive had him a week and he feeds from my hand, will come up onto my hand and comes to me for fuss!
  10. he has been upside down for 2 hours now, the lights are very low, the night light is on for the birds and just tele in the background. its just odd, never known a bird like it!!!
  11. opie my african gray seems to love pooing in his water bowl. Im constantly changing his water due to the poo! how can i stop this? Also he seems to enjoy hanging upside down is this normal? He appears to accepted me now, he lets me fuss him, he choses to come out on my hand and cuddle up on my chest for cuddles.
  12. Theif cant get into the garden and cats dont come near, we have 2 dogs who are brilliant with the birds, they will be on the patio, with their doors closed up with locks and covered half with towl to give them shade aswell as often sprayings plus i will just be inside the patio doors so not that far from them.
  13. going to be investing in some small padlocks this week so this weekend we will be starting putting them outside during the day, obviously with half the cage covered to give shade, but i think the fresh air and sun will do them good
  14. Not as much as on his stomach but he does have some on his back and neck and wings
  15. his name is opie after my favorite sons of anarchy member
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