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  1. i've just been reading these posts and he sounds fab!!....i must confess that when we first gor louie, his first word to mick was an "f" one as mick moved his mirror!!...luckily, if he has said it since, we haven't heard him, we both just stood there with our mouths open!! x x
  2. it saves me talking to myself all day.....at least we can occupy each other!!
  3. louie wolf whistles really loud over and over again, or shouts "don't do it scooby dool" when the hair dryer or hoover is on, he just loves to be heard!...noisy man, so much for princess parrots are quiet! lol x
  4. calley i don't think you're bonkers, ..your fish are cuties too!..i too have fish, i have a huge fish tank filled with tropical fish! as for your comments above, i totally agree that your animals should feel like one of the family, and if they don't. then you aren't doing it right!....we have 3 dogs, 2 birds and many fish, and i am seriously worrying about our oldest dog now as she is almost 18, i know if and when anything happens to her, i will be totally gutted, i've had her from being a pup!...i'm pleased to have met someone that feels the same way! x x
  5. tory...your bird is gorgeous! x x (sorry, just seen the pic and had to say!!)
  6. while reading these posts i was surprised to see some of the foods that can be fed to parrots, i have obviously read up on my type of bird, and all the info i can find suggest a parrot mix, and cockateil seed fed 50/50, also fruit and veg, i've also been told that avacado is highly toxic to them,(not something i have at home anyway!) i have tried louie on a few different fruits and veg, but does anyone have any good ideas on what else i can try them on?(princess parrot or prince of wales) rosie (the new one) isn't very tame yet, and doesn't seem to have tried much apart from her dry mix, but it would be nice to find them some nice treats!..thank you all for your help! x
  7. lol, mad bird...i had a toy in our cage that was 3 hoops of rope covered wire....henry shredded it, it looked like 3 recycled wire coat hangers after he'd finshed!! lol,. x
  8. hope he is well soon, nice thoughts sent your way! x
  9. well, everyone seemed happy and still no major fights or anything but louie seems a bit sad today....he's acted all big and clever with his new friend but she just keeps ignoring him or falling asleep, he nipped her wing to make her pay attention and all she did was growl at him and chase him away!...he is sitting chirping away to himself, but not his usual happy self....is this normal, and if i leave them alone, do you think they'll become friends?....i think louie might be missing henry a bit!...henry is fine in his new home! love kez x x
  10. i'm really lucky, i don't work at the mo either....my hubby works lots but i'm popping in and out all day!...i don't really have routine, but i spend lots of time and so do my kids talking to and playing with the birds....i think louie thinks he's a dog at times, as he tries playing tug of war with some of his toys with you, and barks just like my deerhound! lol, the birds are usually let out for an hour or 2 after tea, as henry was a little tinker to get back into the cage, where as louie comes to sit on your knee and blow you kisses before going back to bed himself! as most of the other members we too live in what seems like a farm (3 dogs, birds, and fish!)so our birds aren't lonely!...and i also agree the radio is ideal! speak soon love kez x x
  11. Hi All, sorry haven't been around for a while, my pc isn't the most reliable thing, and only plays nicely occasionally!....i will get a new one at some point!..anyway, just to let you all know that i have a new friend, i don't know if any of you rememeber but i have a princess parrot called louie, ( and a rosella called henry) but yesterday i was offered another princess parrot (hen) so i decided to move her in to keep louie happy, i have introduced them today, and they have instantly clicked, they are sitting just chatting to each other happily!...its lovely to see them together!...as for henry, he has gone to stay at my friends house who has a huge aviary and some lovely similar birds that need friends!...and i can visit him every day if i like, hope you all good love kez x
  12. as long as she safe and well now!....he'll probably be really careful now, she's a lucky little bird! x
  13. hi calley...i have a 6'x2'x2' aquarium which is full of tropical fish, i'm not an expert by far but have kept fish for many years so if i can help with any of your fishy problems, i am most defo more clued up with tanks than birds!! lol x
  14. i'm really sorry but i can barely type for laughing!!....brill! x
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