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  1. thank you, im hoping someone will be able to help as I want to make sure I'm doing everything right
  2. Hello I have recently taken in a 5-6 month old Indian Ringneck called Ecco, his previous own had let him bite his hands and seemed to have made a bit of a game of it. He will actively come to myself and my partner but when he lands he will bite if he is on skin or is on fingers, or will go and fly on your head as his place of preference to sit. We have tried to ignore the biting and make no reaction but the bites are drawing blood and very painful, the more we try to discourage him the more of a temper he seems to get in and the biting increases. We have been taking him out for short training sessions to try and limit this. Also we read to give your arm a slight shake if he bites but this just seems to make him grab harder and more frequently! He is only a young bird and I know this is a very important part of his life and I want to get this sorted and stopped before it turns into something that is irreversible. We have stands for him to sit on but he is frightened of them also so its almost like is forced to sit on us and he has occasionally dive bombed us and our Macaw. Any help would be really really appreciated.
  3. I have found out today that marley my 16year old blue and gold macaw has cataracts in both eyes, whilst it is in its earlish stages at the moment i cannot help but feel absolutely distraught, my vet admitted that he knew little of what could be done if anything to slow the process, but mentioned surgery could be possible when it leaves him blinded. The main questions i have that i couldn't get an answer to were: is there anything i can do to try and reduce the speed of the cataracts spreading? how long does it normally take to spread? How can it be treated other than surgery? As marley is a rescue bird I know very little of his history but vet said it looks to be generic, espcially to develop at such a young age. I feel so guilty even though my vet assures me marley's health is very good. if anyone can give me some information i would be truely greatful.
  4. I have decided to get marley a new cage but i am really struggling to find one that is just right for him... the last time i got a cage i could see it and compare it to marley but this time the only real way for me to get a cage is through the net as i live in a remote area, ive narrowed it down to 3 and was wondering which would be the best? http://www.northernparrots.com/montana-grande-castel-parrot-cage-prod97431a/ http://www.northernparrots.com/raleigh-parrot-cage-stone-prod950030/ http://www.northernparrots.com/montana-arkansas-i-parrot-cage-prod97091a/ he is a blue and gold macaw, fairly average size, i want to make sure that this will be big enough for him to flap and have plently of room for toys and perches?
  5. Just noticed that marley my 16yr old B&G macaw has white spots on his black pupil his vision seems find but I was wondering does anyone know what this is?
  6. Their site appears to be down now
  7. Tbh greg I never asked him which thinking about it is silly I will have to ask next time I see him
  8. well yesterday marley came on leaps and bounds literally! I was doing the whole moving my arm up and down and then he got all excited and took off! however he went smack bang right into the radiator he is okay shaked more than anything but not injured and nothing a few cuddles and love couldnt heal but at least on the plus side he seems to be learning
  9. thank you all for your replies, marley sees our local avarian vet regularly due to his weight issues (hes quiet under weight but much better now) we have gone through all the tests to see if there are any health problems and hes been given the all clear. He extends his wings when i threw him but flapping didnt occur. the arm game actually gave the best result he moved the wings to steady himself. Unfortunatly the only time he does the excited flapping is when he sees me with chips or chocolate :S
  10. its kinda hard to reward marley hes a bit of a backward bird lol but i will try, do you think he is too old to learn now or his muscles will ever be strong enough? hes 15 now
  11. thank you all for the advise! I have spent ages today flapping in front of him and all i accomplised was some very amused looks from marley lol! he doesnt flap in the shower the only time he speads his wings is if i open them or if he displays :S he doesnt try to fly when i throw him more falls with style
  12. Hi everyone, for those who remember Marley my B&G macaw he came to me with a few health issues and for various reason also to do with his behaviour it was recommeneded to me he get clipped. Long story short after dramas he now has a lovely full wing span with only one issue... He doesnt know how to fly... He came to me as a rescue having been stuck in a cage for 14 years and never allowed to fly. I have tried throwing him (gently) one the bed from small heights which he loves, but he just doesnt seem to grasp the whole flapping your wings hard sorta thing and simply lands and runs back over to be thrown again :S Any suggestions for my silly bird?
  13. Parrots should really vomit, they sometimes reguitate but since your grey has been poorly i doubt that love is currently the front of his mind at the moment. I would wait to hear what the vet says and make sure your grey is warm. Hope he gets better soon, keep up updated
  14. I'm sure this has been covered a few times so i apologise for cluttering the forum, but as i mentioned in another post i am looking to add a greenwing to my family. Given marleys particular ways i want to make sure i appoach this in the best way possible so that he can enjoy having a new friend as i feel this is what he needs due to his behaviour. How should i go a bout introducing marley to a new baby to Marley, timescale wise etc, I have enough space in my house for them each to have their own bedroom if needs be at first but i have a very large room that i would like them both to share ideally. Im rattling on here! Can anyone help?
  15. I agree with laurulfeathercat its breeding season hormones are high and if judy has only started doing this recently she may get worse, tho generally they calm after approx 9 weeks. Are you able to put the food bowl in from the outside of the cage?
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