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  1. Well i am not getting rid of charlie not a chance ,i told the wife to give him a chance he is still getting used to us, so all is good up to now . he actually flew the other day not very far but it is a start the woman who i bought charlie from said he wont fly because he is not used to flying what a load of rubbish i thought she had him locked in is cage all the time since he started biting her which was 18 months ago . no wonder he can't fly very much i am sure that he will get better at flying. browny
  2. I bought charlie one 2 weeks ago he goes crazy on it but i am allways scared that he will hang himself from it or get his foot caught on the little chain . he imitates most of the noises now even the cat meow .
  3. Well it seems that charlie is very naughty he is a bit of a biter :cry: he bit my wife very hard to the point where she had to have 3 stitches now she wont go near him or talk to him no more she even has said she wants me to get rid of him so i said to the wife just give him time he might settle down. i don't know what to do for the best :cry: any ideas anyone :?: browny
  4. Charlie never eats all the toast mainly the seed and crumbs then bins the rest all over the floor . where do you get palm oil from :?: also he likes bannana alot not too keen on apple even tho i give to him daily ,going to try him on some orange today with his fruit just to find out what he likes and don't like .
  5. hi everyone well you know i am new to keeping parrots having only had charlie for a week and bit . i was wondering what i should i be feeding him here is what he gets now and what he used to get with previous owner : previous Owner : Bucktons Seed mix myself : morning 1 slice of seeded batch hovis loaf with low fat marg. dinnertime : fruit and veg mixture of fresh fruit and frozen veg thawed and cooked and cooled. teatime/supper bucktons seend mix is this ok for charlie , he is not a big lover of fruit and veg due to the fact he as not been used to been fed it but he is getting better only picks at it and throws it out of his bowl . i will carry on daily with the fruit and veg . the toast on a morning he loves barely wastes any of it . is this diet any good :?:
  6. hi everyone thanx for all your comments Well charlie is not that bad really apart from yesterday he ran up my arm and on-to my shoulder the decided to bite my ear quite hard and drew blood. he normally goes in his cage by himself after he has a little fly about his wing muscles are not very good he only manages around 4 feet then falls, i think he has been a bit cage-bound to be honest . it is still early days with charlie we have only had him a week .
  7. Nice play-pen tory how long do you leave them in there :?:
  8. he has let us know how loud he can be on a couple of occasions, when he talks he starts off in a sweet little voice then gets louder and louder then start shouting a load of rubbish .
  9. Well i let charlie out yesterday and he was brill altho i thought he was unable to fly maybe he was cage bound by previous owner (because charlie used to go for her and sometimes bite her as well ) and she never used to let him out of his cage . So i bit the bullet and i let him out he was pretty good out of his cage let me tickle and stroke him also let me feed him some fruit which he spat it out . here is a picture of charlie out of his cage .
  10. thanx for kind replys yes he is a little cutie and a lound one as well when he starts shouting.
  11. pinktink i would think b&q would be quite expensive why not try a local plumbers merchant they would be much cheaper i think. that is where i will be getting mine from.
  12. Good playstand you made there i am going to make something similar for charlie in the next couple of weeks .
  13. Took cover off cage this morning in a sweet little voice charlie said Good morning then said it again and again and again each time getting louder nearly woke all the house grant
  14. he is so cute and pretty loud he has taken to the wife big style he talks a lot of rubbish (just like my wife (sshh) dances to her ,and proper shows off . i am not jealous at all :wink:
  15. hi everyone took a couple of pics yesterday of charlie in his cage i don't want to let him out just yet get used to his surroundings first what does others think of this ,also when i bought him i was told he was a yellow cheeked amazon i am not sure of this i am sure that is people on here who will tell me if he is or not , he is a bit of a swearer as well :oops: hope this picture works if not here is my photobucket http://s1040.photobucket.com/home/toptwat21967/index
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