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  1. glad to be back... I may have more birds roaming my house than I did last time.... and I'm buried as usual under insanely sized cosplay projects...which of course I have to work nights on because Parrots+crafting= zero progress and infinite mess.
  2. agreeed on the strong, not so sure about the clever part...... lol great to see you guys too. I've been buried in a huge project for the last year or so. hopefully all going to pay off in the next few months but we'll see. :/
  3. Hi Everyone!! long time no see!! I'm in a bit of a tricky spot currently! George has just busted his way through his 3 week old cage! and I'm running out of options so any suggestions would be great! his original cage was the Liberta Raleigh large corner cage, but the cage proved to be unfit for use as the bowl holders were dangerous, the door easily unscrewed by George and fell off once! and he stripped the bolt lock clean off the door. his second cage was a Montana variant very similar to the liberta corner cage but much better quality. However this only came in the antique colour and was a very dark, overbearing (and quite honestly depressing) presence in the room and George did not take to it at all. Eventually 3 weeks ago I decided to get him one in another colour: Due to a lack of others available in the Stone colour, and despite my previous issues with Liberta, was assured by the reviews and promises that this new and improved Liberta Raliegh second edition had been re-designed. sure enough all the issues I had originally were solved and even had the bonus that he could no longer fling his food bowls when he'd finished eating (I was sure he was greek at some point!) the cage seems to have been really well designed as far as keeping a bird inside of it. ....however... George does not stay inside! and 3 weeks in and he's already broken the new and improved lock!! Liberta have assured me that this is unheard of and it's fairly possible that this is the case.. George was once on a toy prototype testing list but removed due to...and i quote: "not being an accurate representation of the damage an AVERAGE Greenwing Macaw can do" in other words, none of the prototypes survived his quality testing regime... fair enough, he can bend the thicker quicklinks completely flat, ping off chain links off his toys and even tore apart an "indestructabell". A coop cup was ripped clean off it's welded holding plate ...... he destroys pretty much anything that can be within reach of him. so........ does anyone have ANY suggestions please on a new cage for him? needs to be about the same size as his corner cages 1x1x1.8 meters ish (I can find ones that are 1 meter long and a good height but they are all about 70cm deep... that's quite a lot less space :/ ) and needs to be in the Stone colour, not antique..... ... that or would anyone happen to have some Kryptonite?
  4. Ellie just took a cockatiel to the face! She was happily munching on a cupcake and penny came and sat next to her on the back of the sofa. She found a crumb and ate it........then must have figured where this delicious thing came from.......Ellie went to take a bite of her cake, and penny went to take the cake itself!!! Poor Ellie got the shock of her life with penny fluttering in her face for some cake! Oh dear, someone has the munchies! How come they never do this if we're eating fruit or veg? The birds only ever seem to want cake or biscuits, or various other things they aren't allowed? Typical!
  5. we have two rescue cockatiels. I don't think George picks on them no, I think it was more a terrotory thing since George was there first and then the tiels moved in. he isn't too bothered most of the time and they can all be out at once but if Parker goes near George's cage, he'll get a raised hackle from George but nothing more. Parker is certainly the defensive one and will hiss at George if he gets too close. George unfortunately finds this funny and likes to hang off his rope right near the tiels cage and practically swipe Parker off the top of his cage with his tail swinging about. If I'm taking notice of the tiels though, George will fly to me and get a bit aggressive in the tiels direction. he's just very possessive of me so it will be interesting to see what will happen if Penny continues to land on me and spend time with me... they all do generally get on well with each other. if the tiels are missing (upstairs int he bathroom with Ellie for clean out) George will look for them with a kind of worry, and if I take George out of the house for say vet checks or school shows then the tiels will make thier alarm calls to him which are usually only reserved when penny or parker are looking for each other. of recent, Penny and parker have been dozing off on teh bookshelf top right next to George's cage (where he's normally playing when not with me) and don't seem to worried about dropping their guard to him. I keep my eyes on all of them, I'd hate to be complacent but touch wood, they seem to get on. I think George would miss them if they weren't there so I do think they are company for him whilst we're out......though not sure how much since they always seem to be stretching and waking up when I come back through the door in the early afternoon :/ I think they just mostly nap.
  6. Well George is only 4 and he's my first ever bird. so I'm certainly no pro. i think it depends on your circumstances. I got the little birds for several reasons, a) to keep George company whilst we were out, and because George for some reason decided to hate my daughter back then, they got on fine, she could handle him and everything but then one day he just bit her and any time she got within a meter, he'd lunge at her to attack her...no idea why, fortunately this has now resolved but when we were considering the other birds, kiddo was feeling a bit left out because George kept chasing her away. the irony that we should then get a rescue pair who didn't want handling *rolls eyes* still kiddo loves them and has been working hard to show them that she loves them and means them no harm...and as you see from this thread, it's starting to work
  7. we thought about a hahns too for George, but advice often says to pair birds of a similar size together. (the large macaw could kill a smaller bird pretty easy if they were out together and something got out of hand) however, a friend of ours had a house share with a friend, she had a B&G and he had a hahns. when they moved out, they took their B&G with them and suddenly both birds refused to eat and were dying, they figured out just in time that it was because the birds were separated and re-united them just in time. they ended up being put in the same cage for some reason and now they are inseparable. the hahns sleeps under the B&Gs wing! it's certainly possible but then you could end up like ours, George and Parker hate each other, I have to watch them constantly. George doesn't mind Penny landing near him and playing with his stuff, but if it's parker, he'll chase him off. If george gets too close, parker sits there hissing and spitting at him, beak gaping as a warning (he'd actually go for George I think despite being so tiny!) then there's you in the mix, your birds might be fine with each other but your GW might get jealous of another bird with you, as far as she is concerned, you are hers... and no one elses. how does she react if you try to snuggle up with your hubby on the couch? if I so much as show my hubby affection, George will go for him, he's starting to get better but has a long way to go. with Penny now deciding that I'm ok, she occasionally lands on me, George instantly reacts, dropping whatever he's doing and preparing to fly to me.....fingers crossed this will calm down a bit. on the other hand though, you might have perfect harmony with several birds! it really is unpredictable with Parrots from what I read, good luck with whatever you decide and keep us posted
  8. wow i read this post and thought "exactly like George!" the good news is that he has calmed down a bit since we first got him...but not by that much, i was too soft and didn't follow the advice above exactly as stated... we started well, but little habits crept back in gradually :/ i do need to increase his cage time a bit especially now that the tiels have decided humans are ok after all. take it from me, start it now! I've possibly left it a bit to o late with George, i wasn't strict enough on him and he is determined for me to always be around. the jumping on me every five minutes has calmed down, but he will still yell if i leave the room without him. George is almost 4 and is in the "calm before the storm" period...I gather all hell will break loose when he hits maturity but we'll get through it.
  9. Well that's new!! last week, I was sitting on the sofa, eating my cereal as I watched telly, went to lift my spoon to my face only to find a little white cockatiel sitting on my spoon handle!!! Penny it seems has suddenly decided that I'm ok! normally we let them out, they have the run of the house all day and they put themselves to bed in the evening and we shut the cage behind them. other than feeding or cleaning, this has been the extent of our relationship with Parker and Penny. They've never wanted to be fussed over too much and have never shown signs of wanting contact. but all of a sudden, Penny is perfectly happy to fly around me, land on my breakfast bowl and hop around on the sofa beside me. after my initial surprise, she flew off again and i stretched out along the sofa with my feet up.....next thing I know she's on my leg, picking at my slippers!!! all the while, Parker is up on the bookcase screeching at her with their "alarm call" like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WOMAN??!!" eventually after she's ignored him long enough, he thinks about coming over too...but bottles it at the last moment and flies off again. eventually he made it as far as the back of the sofa but certainly doesn't have the guts that Penny does to actually land on me. she's doing this quite often now, much to George's jealousy and the other day she even swooped me when I popped open the biscuit tub. last night she just decided to dive right into the biscuit tub as I took the lid off, she's addicted to a nibble on digestives! they're only allowed a couple of bites mind! but something has just clicked in her little mind that I'm not to be feared..... as if one bird hunting after my food and snacks was bad enough, I'm sure that I'll be battling all three of them at some point!! part of me is chuffed to bits that Penny seems to have become attached to her humans, but part of me is dreading the trouble this is going to cause. I can't see George allowing her to mess with his human...it's going to be chaos!
  10. yeah i didn't know there was a word for it either hahahaha
  11. I was fairly certain I posted about this one a while back but I guess not. allow me to introduce my newest bird. She's a rare breed from a place called Eorzea and when fully grown can be ridden like a horse!! http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae11/Calleymacleod/Chocobo08_zps641b13c2.jpg Preening her wing! http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae11/Calleymacleod/Chocobo05_zpsf15260bc.jpg http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae11/Calleymacleod/Chocobo02_zps45c39e76.jpg http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae11/Calleymacleod/Chocobo09_zps2bb9a45d.jpg lol, this is the main reason I haven't posted too much about George and the tiels actually. I got convinced to enter a cosplay contest back in January and with only a 3 month timescale had to use every hour that George would allow me (basically none, and so I had to work overnights whilst he was in bed. please see photo of George "helping" me mark out the feathers for the wings) http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae11/Calleymacleod/DSCF0869_zpsed0dc70d.jpg we entered the contest hoping to win the trip to Japan but I knew I wasn't going to get anything...I was very wrong..... whilst we didn't win the main prize, I'm told by the company that ran the contest that they had to bring in more judges because it was a dead heat for the win...apparently we only missed out by 1 vote!!! gutted!!!! but chuffed to bits that we even placed. http://zantetsuken.net/news/ffxiv-dev-blog-european-cosplay-winners-announced currently I'm working on two new outfits, I've got the competative bug now and George has been "helping in his usual way already......he's torn 2 of my paper patterns already....lol viva la cellotape!! ayways, I'll try to keep in contact and keep you updated with reports on how naughty or birds are.. actually that reminds me. Parker and Penny are coming along in leaps and bounds as far as their confidence goes, they've now claimed most of the living room as their territory and Parker decided to show George some cheek the other day, George was in his cage during Dinner and the tiels had been left out... he sat on the bookcase right next to George's cage as if to say "hahhahaha, You're in and we're not!" and proceeded to swan up and down an area he wouldn't normally dare to if George was out. just as he was getting really cocky, George lunged at the side of his cage, wings out and with a shout.... so suddenly that poor little parker pooped himself, fell over his own feet trying to run and popped 3 feathers in surprise!!! He ran over to Penny for a bit of sympathy, but she just pecked him and turned her back on him, obviously not impressed with his showing off. it was pretty hilarious and George's smug look was priceless.
  12. three months and you can make 3D sculptures hahahaha... I'll try to post more, just got some crazy projects on currently.... Did I ever introduce you all to my new bird???
  13. wow, I've not been here for soooo long!! I've missed you guys. Well my laptop died, so daytime access is pretty much non-existent. only get to use the upstairs computer in the evenings after birdy bed time. well I wanted to pop by and just mention that Thursday was a very special day for us. it was 3 years to the day that George moved in with us!! only 3 years?? it seems like a lot longer. It feels like he's always been with us and I can't imagine life without the dear little rotter! he's a total pain in the ass most of the time, demanding attention and generally trying to wreck anything his beak touches, but I wouldn't change him for the world. I feel kinda guilty, when we were given the tiels, it was by someone who's daughter was in this forum and they were reading my almost daily posts about George, Since then though, I haven't really visited much an I just hope they weren't relying too much on my updates for information on how the little pair is doing... oops, (if you're reading this and you were, I apologise!) The good news is that they are doing fine, they still don't appear to want to become hand tame as with their previous owner, but they are happy to sit and chat near us and take food from the hand. They fly around daily and love running along the top of the bookshelf before launching themselves off the end like an air-craft carrier. ...we sometimes get some "dive-bombing" too :/ the bad news? well my house has become a permanent "etch-a-sketch"....dust all surfaces and wait 3 days, draw a new picture in the dander and dust, and then wipe clean again..wait three more days and you can draw again.... lol anyways, George is eating the keyboard as I type so best go give him some cuddles. love you all! talk again soon
  14. George: "Oooh what's that?" George: "I dunno" George: "whatiz it?" George: "I dunno" George *meows like a cat and dances about* Me: "erm...are you quite ok?" George: *makes gesture for cuddles* Me: *obeys*
  15. I know he shouldn't be "up there"....but how can you refuse when he comes all cuddly like this??!! http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae11/Calleymacleod/cuddlemonster_zps8b89f633.jpg
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