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  1. Hey thanks. Yes I know where you're coming from. Hormone city with my lot. Interestingly Mooky has finally calmed down in the last 2 days. I've actually been enjoying normal days with my flock this week. I have learned so much this year and as mookybird1 10 this year I'm sure I've a lot to learn yet. These are truly amazing creatures. I do not recommend them as pets unless you've had a lot of animal keeping experience.
  2. Yes I agree. However he is ok with my partner. As soon as I appear he begins the attitude. I understand that he doesn't hate me but it feels that way at the moment. Ah well, tough love is the order of the day
  3. I give my Jardines low sunflower mix from Johnson and Jeff plus fruit and veg with boiled egg treats and pasta. My Amazon gets a lower proportion of seed to fruit mix.
  4. Hi. Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the delay. Well mooky has what appears to be a protective attitude to the other birds. Both are female I believe and mooky will spend time being preened by the Amazon. The other Jardine is not really interested in him. When out of the cage mooky will at some point either dive bomb my head or will move closer to me before launching an attack. He now spends time in his cage but comes out with my partner who he has no problem with. This behaviour intensified this week since returning from a 4 day trip to Spain. During this time all 3 birds stay with their breeder. Mooky does not seem to be defensively attacking, rather it's more to do with hormones. I don't like to see him in his cage but not do I want to encourage the attacks. I'm stuck
  5. Now the forum is back to life can anyone help me with a horny male Jardine? He's been in season and attacking me all year. He used to be very calm. I don't mind but I've tried everything to avoid a bite. Love him to bits. I also have another Jardine and a Yellow Crowned Amazon. All pets. All adorable. Advice welcome.
  6. Hi I have a Jardines and a Yellow Crowned amazon. I take mine to their breeder near minehead but wanted to hi to a fellow Jardine keeper. I trust my breeder and she knows the birds well so I would be reluctant to board them with anyone else but if you hear from anyone in Bristol I might be interested for short breaks/weekends. Regards Carl
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