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  1. its not echo! :-( poor echo is out there somewhere still!
  2. did u have any sightings inbetween loosing and finding it, how did u find it, was it ringed? thank you!
  3. is there any contact details on the site - it may be the one with the ring - do you have a link to the site!
  4. i dont know, no one replied to any of the posts saying it was theres - mum and dad are going to offer to rehome it if its not claimed...... just they cant imagine never seeing echo again....
  5. my parents lost there african grey echo they had a visitor last night to say he had found one in poole - it has a ring on its leg and took it to the rspca at ashley heath - its not my parents bird but hopefully this is good news for someone! - found 3nd june in poole, dorset 4 birds found and none of them been echo...
  6. this grey has a ring on its leg - my mum has been called as they thought it was hers but echo does not have a ring so its good news for someone!
  7. no further sightings of echo! does anyone know just how far these birds can travel if they want to - or how likely it is she is just hiding nearby! its been over a month now my parents just feel so responsible for her welfare its driving them up the wall not knowing where she is! they miss her so much!
  8. no further sightings - no one heard her either - however my mum and dad have both heard a bird call that is definately a non wild bird from there house = they been out looking every day! just hope and pray that somone gets her really soon!
  9. echo has been seen, sitting on a fence 2 roads away from my mums. she is apparently looking worse for wear when the man approached she flew away! we have been out since 4:30 this morning looking done another flyer drop putting new posters up! cant believe echo is so close and possibly has been for a whole month! we have put her cage in garden etc! really hope this is going to be her coming home really really soon!
  10. we have done the posters, rung all the local vets, police, rspca, got local postmen looking, put lots of posts on the web! still no sightings!
  11. thanks everyone, cant believe not one person has seen her! hope she is safe!
  12. hi, yes we have advertised in all the pet she cho says knock knock, barks like a dog alot, makes farting noises, says shut up, says whats wrong & says daisy alot (my mums dog) - someone somewhere must have seen her she may be sold on? just want to know she is ok! its been 2 weeks today and not one single sighting!
  13. still no sign - can people please join our facebook group the more people that are aware of her missing the better - we are really giving up home now! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=115875925091947&ref=ts
  14. my poor mum has lost her aftican grey called echo - 6/4/10 she talks and barks and flew from her her cage while having some sun the in garden! please if you have seen or heard her let us know! we have also had the upset of thinking we had found her but it was someone elses grey (which has now been retunited with its family) but very upsetting for us! we just want to know she is ok! thank you Gemma
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