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  1. Twelve elephants have been slaughtered in the single worst recorded ivory poaching ever in Kenya. http://www.itn.co.uk/World/65526/shocking-pictures--elephant-family-slaughtered-by-poachers
  2. Hello Claire, Iv'e seen Beyers Deli Nature seed at stafford shows. The seed is quality Not just sunflower seed monkey nuts bukly the mix up. The problem is i can't get hold of Beyers Deli Nature 62 anywhere in the uk. But only at the stafford shows. I highly recommend Beyers Deli Nature to any bird keeper. Dan
  3. I have tryed Mike he's got two young males, Only problem is trying to find females.
  4. I'm currently building some new aviaries and looking for Yellow lored Amazons is there any pairs in the uk? There is not much information about captive breeding. Does any one have experience in keeping and breeding this species.
  5. http://www.paradisepark.org.uk/news/News%202012/First%20photos%20of%20a%20Red-tailed%20Black%20Cockatoo.html
  6. Martin, I emailed him 2 days ago for photos, He said he will send them in few days time. Kris, 5000euros is very cheap for Robustus Robustus, been quoted 13,000 euros in Europe 9000 euros from south Africa.
  7. Try Jungle gold , Good quality seed http://www.junglegold.com/straight-seeds-c-2.html?page=2&sort=20a
  8. Martin, Yes that's the guy (Oliver) with the Robustus Robustus. I know they belong to the Mulhouse Zoo. He does have youngest but will only exchange young Robustus Robustus. As Graham said ( The seller had for sale also Robustus R. Suahelicas and Robustus R.Fuscicollis. So he appears to know what he has for sale and sounds very genuine.) I am waiting for him to return from his holiday. Once he's back he's going to send me photos of the birds. So then i can clarify if they are pure cape parrots.
  9. I know a private breeder in France keeps a few pairs of Robustus Robustus. Not ever Robustus Robustus is in the studbook.
  10. The guy with the Robustus Robustus has reserved them for me a couple of days ago. Just hope it all go's to plan.
  11. A young pair of Slender billed conures will cost you about £1600.
  12. Are you looking to purchase a pair? I know a guy in Denmark , If you are interested in getting a pair i can contact him.
  13. No bird is difficult to breed if you have the right conditions.
  14. Why don't you contact Barrett Watson. You know you will be buying top birds from a well known breeder.
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