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  1. jebirds : Your Tiel is 32 YEARS OLD !!! Wowwwwwwwwwww thats a good age!
  2. Oops sorry about previous post. Only just read up.
  3. From what I recall when mine was a baby, those calls are attention calls. Maybe while sitting in your study, you could whistle a tune and teach him tunes! thats wot i did from a young age (my birds young age - not mine !! ). They pick everything up when they are young so ideal time to start ! I started whistling the Adams Family to my boy and Chim Chiminey. That yawning from the start of the thread, birds do that even now... its something to do with clearing the crop. Kinda like if you have something stuck in your throat, you would keep clearing your throat. Not sure why everyone was saying it wasn't normal as it is completely normal. Thats the trouble with big forums... you hear lots of different opinions and in the end you're no better off than when you started !!! Take care. Give Murphy a hug and a whistle from me.
  4. To the lovely people here who do not have experience of wing clipped birds... they CAN still fly if clipped. Also, your avian vet will clip to the desired slight height. e.g. My vet asked me how high I wanted me Amazon to fly. He said 3ft, 5ft or higher? As it was the Amazon's first time out the cage, I said 3 foot and sure enough the Amazon got lift enough to get about 3 foot off the ground. So you see.... wing clipping doesn't ground them ... it just limits them. This would probably depend upon how good your avian vet is.
  5. Sounds they are just establishing the pecking order between them! thats how my Amazon and Grey are together!
  6. Did he have both wings clipped Nerb? normally just one is done. It takes a few months for the feathers to grow back. They will probably know when they flap their wings in the cage that they dont get any lift so he probably wont venture out right now. It could be a good time to get him tame while he can't fly (thats if he is not already). And if he is, u could perhaps teach him some tricks?!
  7. Just heard the clip! haha bless him. He's so trying!
  8. When people say "your parrot wont speak until this age.." is pants. I think personally its up to the individual parrot. I have had my boy since he was an egg and his first words and tunes were at 8 months! I heard that they practice words kinda under their breath, and then they say it out loud to see the response and then they go quiet again with the word or tune as if they are shy with it... then... if ur lucky.... (or not ! haha) you will not hear anything else BUT that word or tune ! LOL
  9. I used to always always scour at people who clipped wings .... that was until I felt the need to clip my amazons. I think it is purely personal choice and the reasoning for the same. If you want ur other birds to enjoy freedom, could u not harness them and they can walk around the garden? My Amazon was a rescue bird. He was originally caged, then he was put in an aviary over winter months () and then his first mate died and he was pining which is why they wanted to re home him. Due to his ill treatment when he was caged (kept in the attic room (was a converted bedroom in the attic), he was caged in a teeny tiny cage with his mate ... never had fresh food or water). Understandably when he came to me, he was very wild. I really wanted him to have the freedom to fly around but on a couple of occasions i let him out, i couldn't get him in again. The only way was by towelling him w hich is completely not nice! I decided to clip a wing purely so he could have some freedom and time out of the cage. Obviously he could only fly a certain height and this proved to be the best thing ever done because during the time his wing was clipped and the feathers grew, so did his confidence with me and his new surroundings. He is perfect now out of the cage.
  10. Im reluctant to get another bird as i live in a very small flat and having three cages in the room does take up most of the lounge! When I got Bobby from my mum, all three started in separate cages. It was only pure chance that they got on so well. It would be a huge risk to get another bird for a "cross fingers they get on" scenario.
  11. Thanks again for your lovely replies. Unfortunately the CAG and Amazon hate each other! both dominant males but they do learn off each other! I would love to get Sonny another companion but his friendship with Bobby was totally by mistake. I mean, you would never believe to see such a mismatched couple in speices, colour and size! Before I was given Sonny he had an Amazon mate who died so he is no stranger to grief unfortunately. Thank you all. Its so good to talk to someone likeminded! xx
  12. :D/ Hi!! Glad to find a new birdy site as I have needed some advice from you guys which I have already posted on. I am ruled by two parrots (it was three but unfortunately lost the Quaker on Monday 22 Mar 10). I have an OW Amazon and a CAG. I also have a rescue puss cat who is extremely good with the boys. I look forward to spending many a late night on this forum. x O:)
  13. Thanks Hotfoot... it just pants to feel that theres nothing i can do for him. Does the rocking seem right tho?
  14. Another head-up for Golden Valley. I remember I had only had my CAG for less than 18 months when he got a serious dermitological problem and all his feathers came out. Even tho the vet bills were than I had paid for the insurance at that time, they paid out with no quibbles at all. In fact, they are very relaxed about payment every year. I wanted to spread the cost of the insurance out over two installments this year and they said fine! Thumbs up to Sharron at GV!
  15. Hi fellow parrot lovers, I wonder if you could help me. I have three wonderful parrots which tragically went down to two on Monday when my Quaker Parakeet, Bobby passed over. Bobby was 12 years old - not particularly old at all for a Quaker but he had a liver haemorrage and he deteriorated rapidly from then. In the final few days he was unable to hold onto his perch or bars nor could he stand without falling over... he is most undoubtedly in a much much better place now. I have had Bobby for the last 6 years, previous to that he lived with my mum. 4 years ago I found that Bobby and my Amazon, Sonny, became very close and with a holiday looming in 2007, I decided to put Bobby and Sonny in a cage together. It was a risk putting a tiny Quaker in with a huge Amazon but Bobby most definately wore the trousers in that relationship ! After finding Bobby on Monday morning who thankfully passed in his sleep, I showed Sonny his mate and put him in a box infront of him and took him away. :cry: Im now concerned about how to confort a pining bird. Sonny is very quiet. He just sits on his perch in the evening and during the day sits infront of his mirror and rocks back and forth. Obviously he is very upset and most of my grief with losing Bobby was sadness over how Sonny was going to feel. Cutting a long story short... (yep this is the short version!!), is there any advice you can give me for a sad parrot? I have put new toys in his cage and food but he's not flinched. Sonny isn't hand tame. He was a rescue bird who is about 12 years old now. He will sit close to me but i can't touch him. Is there anything I can do to make him happy? to lift his spirit? there must something ... Many thanks for any help x
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