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  1. What one should expect when buying a hand reared parrot! This one is close to my heart as Ozzy was a nightmare,all he did was bite bite and bite again and believe me it really hurt..He was really lucky I am animal mad other wise he would have been returned to his breeder.
  2. Have not been on this forum for ages.Pleased to report my little sennie is no longer over preening. I changed his diet introduced different types of food over a period of time,regular showers and it worked he is no longer over preening. He also talks his little head off lol
  3. Mice in the house!!!!!!!!!!! How to get rid of them. We have tried mouse traps (old fashioned type. Humane traps. Poison recommended by experts. I have read tonight the organic peppermint scattered around in small drops get rid of them,any one tried this? I grease the legs of the cage so they can't climb up and contaminate it. Nothing against mice just don't want them in my house.
  4. Yes, I do offer him a bath. I have tried everything. The only place he will give himself a bath! Is on top of a flower jug I have on my kitchen windowsill. So he doesn't really wet himself all over. In fact he gave himself a little bath (sort of) this morning and he does make a mess, which I don’t mind at all, just clean it all up when he has finished lol Just wish he would bathe in something better but he wont. He is still changing feathers down his back, never realised a moult could last so long, it’s been five months. At least he is not uncomforable any more.
  5. Thought I would report back just in case I can help other birds. Well the vet got it wrong; Ozzy was not over grooming due to hormone problems! I made my head spin reading up on various aspects of parrot care. Ok start at the beginning. Ozzy was screaming and running back and forth on his perch, he screamed when he groomed himself and also made himself sore. So I took him to see an avian vet, I was told he was mutilating himself due to hormones. So I changed his food after trying lots of different brands he decided he liked Hagens, so he is fed this along with fruit and veg plus nuts during the day. Evenings I leave him Harrison’s high potency pellets, which he will only eat during the night? Early morning? I know it’s all gone when I get up. I also make him parrot cake. He is also fed a chicken wing bone every week. When he was really itchy I sprayed him three times every day. He is now fully feathered and a very happy albeit naughty boy.
  6. Update on Ozzy. He is not plucking,and is hardly itching now. .Lots and lots of new pin feathers have come through they must have been driving him mad.I have been at fault not misting him often enough in the past .Also been giving him a high protein diet,plus I have been making him parrot cake with lots of veg/fruit/organic coco nut oil plus oats and egg complete with shell,he loves it. I have read it takes an awful lot out of them when going through a moult. Also got him on Hagen and Harrisons pellets.I did not realise that a moult could take as long as four months.
  7. I really thought the vet would do a full blood test the first time I took him.She seems to think its his hormones.I got charged £54 for her to weigh him listen to his heart and measure his beak.Which seems an awful lot of money for what she did ,and when she didn't do a full blood test I thought well "she knows what she is doing and isn't just after making more money". by the way we are pensioners and my pension is only £65 per week. From what I have read the chain of thought is lacking the correct levels of calcium............I have rung his breeder and am going to have a word with him this evening as he was at work when I phoned. I think I have lost my faith in Avian Vets I have said it before and will say it again,I don't think they really know what causes feather plucking which is what he is doing now.
  8. rubytoo the vet did ask me what I fed him but didn't really discuss diet .I just wondered because he has been going through the molt since April and is still itchy and biting himself that maybe I had been missing something in his diet.I used to fed him Tropical parrot mix from our local pet store but he used to chuck most of it out of his cage. So started feeding Kaytee parrot mix plus Zupreem fruits and small Harrisons pellets plus some Tropical parrot mix. I mix them all together and he doesn't chuck any food out of his cage. I also give him featherup. It seems to go in stages he can go two or three days and doesn't seem too bad, then other days he is picking again. He is still going through a molt its nearly five months now!!!!!!!!!!! The vet seemed to think its hormone related but what I have read whilst surfing I think it could be also a food issue.But at least he isn't screaming when he does preen himself.I have bought a black cotton sheet today and am going to start and cover his cage at 8 oclock and see if that makes any difference.I am still really worried about him.Its doing my head in
  9. I have searched various parrot sites for information on what to feed during the molt. Some recommend high protein others say low protein. Which do I feed? and why?
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