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  1. fantastic looking dog,got a soft spot for dobermans....
  2. suppose i should really add to that a bit,i specialise more in snakes but keep/have kept a few lizards too such as geckos and beardies ect..so any questions regarding habbitat set ups,feeding,heating will happily answer,any questions regarding care,or even wondering about a certain reptile youd like to get and how to look after it i will happily help
  3. that is such a fantastic picture of the doberman,action shot!
  4. credit given though,that is a fantastic camo style!
  5. it is my fav little thing,at night (they are nocternal so its when they are most active) can hear him chirping away and jumping around his viv.cresties are really cool geckos,can encourage them to jump from one hand to another when you have them out
  6. what does everyones zoo consist of? we have... our female(saying that,looks like her heads going yellow now...) cockatiel 4 female rats (wanted to add pictures but couldnt find any on the laptop of them) male royal python male ultra-anery corn snake male crested gecko male cat (sorry,also no pics) and female choc lab (again,sorry,no pics..really have to take some...)
  7. large snakes should be restricted in how easily they are baught,but,i highly doubt any laws/restrictions would work,since it is so easy to buy such snakes without having to bother with shops and thus are under the radar and not noticed,saying that though.i dont totally agree,the whole dwa or exotic pets thing can go a bit mad,one day it would be large snakes,then all snakes and lizards,then eventually parrots and anything else exotic.also,with burmese pythons and retics not all grow to be monsters.the males of either speices for example tend to max out between 6 and 12 feet which,when compared to the females which go up and over 15 feet is quite small in comparison,also,dwarf varietys are available from both snakes so its possable to have a retic that only grows to 6 feet long.i digress..i agree it should be restricted,but not by the law because some fella in a office doesnt have a clue,we as keepers should regulate it ourselves and be responsible who we sell our reptiles too.
  8. just thought id say,if anyone needs help with reptile keeping or has any questions regarding keeping reptiles id be happy to help out,any questions feel free to ask
  9. so for a update,me and the bird are getting on really well now,let her out when i get up in the morning and put her back in at night,she tends to loiter around on our shoulders or "guard" the laptop.any fear she once has now seems the opposite,for instance when she trys destroying my laptop,you just cant get rid of her,she will just keep coming back soo yeah,was very random how it happened,but couldnt be happier with how she is,she even enjoys being tickled behind her head and flys over to us if shes in the mood,obviously will take time untill shes say flying over when signalled or whatever but as a start its fantastic
  10. ok,update time.this is really random and totally unexpected,but it would seem,like she is now tame...had her out this morning,and managed to get her on my finger and i thought awesome,thats the task for today done,but she started flying over and landing on me and will get on my finger everytime now,shes currently sat on the laptop with me chasing my fingers and trying to kill my keys,is totally random but very welcome turn of events
  11. took her out today for the first time since the last time when i had to catch her,and it went really well,yesterday i had screwed a branch into the wall so she had a perch about 6 feet up and she flew around a bit and kept landing on a glass tank next to me and almost stepped onto my hand a couple of times and then after about a hour took herself off back into her cage,am really pleased!as i said my inital concern was that i would have to catch her to put her back in.but since shes taking herself back in its not a problem.going to try a hour or two a day and then as she gets tamer just open the cage in the morning and let her mill about.really pleased it worked out so well
  12. I'd like to buy her a companion but will have to wait for a month or two till i can afford it. I would also really like to let her out to fly daily,did it once,but then when it was time to go in(she'd been out all day and it was bedtime) had to spend half hour chasing her,which im sure she didnt enjoy which is why i was trying to get her tame enough to step onto my finger and be hand tame before we start letting her out
  13. aye shes in the main lounge with us.talk to her alot in the day,its hard to explain its like most of the day she chirps contentedly and then occasionally she will bob around the cage and then her chirps become very frequent and jump up several octives,not quite a scream but im sure you see what i mean.so my oridignal wondering was,does this show im getting somewhere with her,considering that she makes a fuss when she wants some fuss but still wont come near us if we put out hand by the entrance and try to entice her,this has got to be some kind of sign of affection surely?and we only cover her when shes doing this bobbing about and vieing for attention thing,we read that if we pander to every noise or squeek she makes she will become spoiled and then will just scream all the time so we are trying to avoid this,i do talk to her all the time with the running commentary and then on top of that spend several sessions a day of both talking directly to her for 5-10 minutes and then a couple sessions of having my hand near the opening and trying to entice her over
  14. ok so had our female cockatiel for around a month now.she still doesnt like us,but does make a hell of a lot of noise if no one is paying attention to her,is this a good sign?every time she does it she gets her cage covered for around half a hour to show that noise wont get her anywhere except being covered.we talk to her several times a day and also try to coax us onto our fingers,is there anything we should be doing regarding the screaming/taming?
  15. ok so got our cockatiel must be 2 weeks ago now,shes a female so didnt expect much mimicing,but shes started copying the morning bird chorus,is nice but totally unexpected,anyone elses bird copy the morning bird chorus?
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