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  1. Thanks a lot for the advises, I was really worried that it was a more permanent thing. How long time would it take before she is back to normal ? a month ? - or is it just a case of trying to see or rather feel when she has stopped biting. I'll keep the palm nuts and almonds to a minimum - once a week and cut down on the pasta (even if she loves them) She is fine sitting on my leg and are very friendly - even lifts her leg to want to come over at my hand - but at the moment I don't fall for the trick. :-) We have an aviary in the garden Last summer she was out there during the day, would it do any harm if she stayed there over night with the weather like this. I just thought it could be good for her ? especially now where she is very difficult to handle.
  2. I have a 5 year old female Eclectus, She has been fine and really friendly always wanted to have a cuttle. She had a cardboard box and she loved it not protective at any point. About 6 months ago she laid one egg. fine no problem she kept the box until she lost interest in the egg. just after she laid 2 eggs and she kept the interest for the eggs for about 2 months. There after I moved the box. After I have moved the box she has become more and more frustrated, The last couple of weeks she has started biting me without any reason. To a point that I don't trust her at all. We can have a cuttle want to talk all is fine wants to come back on my hand but at soon as she is on my hand she bites. I don't really know what to do with her. I spend an hour in the morning and a couple of hours with her in the afternoon. In the week-end she is out for maybe 2 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours in the late afternoon early evening before she goes to bed. She has a sleeping cage for the night. I have cooked brown rice with mixed beans corn and peas which she has every other day, else she has cooked carrot, sweet potatoes broccoli etc. I usual gives her palm nuts, pasta, almonds different fruit f.ex pomegrate, apple, melon grapes or similar, so diet should not be an issue i would think. I just really need some advise regarding the biting. I know she doesn't bite me to hurt me and that she is really stressed, but I'm not sure if I should give her a box in her case but then she would just lay eggs all the time and that's not good for her either. Please help
  3. Thanks for your replies, they are very useful, it's the first one for me :-) The box she has is quite large so I cannot come it in her sleeping cage, She is OK leaving the egg in the evening but is checking first thing when she is back down. Do you suggest keeping the box for her. She has always loved the box, it started when we had our Cat litter box and she started going into that box, I moved the cat litter box and gave her a cardboard box in stead of, and she loves her box - also before she laid an egg. I'll get some cadsium to give her, at the moment she has boiled egg nearly every 2 weeks. Should I give her a boiled egg once a week??
  4. Hi David, no male and I have no thoughts of getting one, I have only read advise against it. so you think I should only move the box when she is showing no interest in the egg anymore. thanks for the advise I was thinking of moving it sort of now. She is sleeping in another room in a smaller cage. she is eating fine and gets an egg maybve once every 2 weeks. I have also baked like cupcakes for her using whole eggs. She is still interested in coming out for a chat and is very friendly when she peeps out of the box.
  5. My Eclectus is about 3 1/2 years old, she has had a cardboardbox for the last 2 years(at least), she really loves her box but now she is using it as a nesting box and have laid an egg. I know I have asked for the trouble and I would think the best is to get rid of the box, do you agree ?? or do any have any better suggestions ?
  6. I would like to say my ecluctus loves the hawthorn berries - the best ever. She knows she is having them in the morning , and no worries getting in her cage in the morning. She sleepes in a cage in a seperate room. and the first thing she lookes for - after getting a cuddle is the berries. the best ever advise
  7. I have tried to give rosehips to my ecluctus, and she loved them, I tried to find some hawthorn berries, but found the rose hips in stead, are they good for parrots ??
  8. thanks for all your advise they are really helpfull Ill continue to give my ecluctus spinach - once a week - I like the 2 veggies 2 fruiets and 2 green
  9. My Eclectus love spinach leaves but I have read that they should not have spinach very often. any advise ?
  10. I have a female Eclectus and some of her new fethers is striped, they are striped yellow the same colour as the tip of her tail fethers. Has enybody had the same experience. She is well in her self. Playfull and happy as ever. She is fed loads of different vegs and fruits. She gets her cooked vegs a couple of times a week. Have chicked and egg once a week. likes her pasta, a couple of nuts a day. She loves her cuddles, sings and takls so I'm not really sure why some of her fethers are coming out striped. Any idears are more than welcome
  11. We are in the Midlands, Redditch. Which parrots do you have ?
  12. thanks a lot David
  13. my parrot sleeps 10-12 hours, she sleeps in a spare room in a smaller "sleeping" cage, she's an ecluctus
  14. I have a female ecluctus and we are building a cage for the garden, so we can take her out in the garden when we are there. We have tried a harness but she doesn't like it. Last summer we took her out in her cage but we thought it would be much better with a large cage for her. The wire we have bought is 2x2" with a 1.6mm wire. but we are not sure if the wire is too large. She will be there on her own but only when we are in the garden Please could I have some advise. before we use the wire. She is 3 years old and the most lovely bird you can imaging. Jette
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